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ThomasEricB / dosbox.log
Created April 25, 2023 02:18
C_VOODOO Define not working
Installing vcpkg dependencies to E:\Voodoo dosbox-staging\vcpkg_installed\x64-windows\
"E:\Repos\vcpkg\vcpkg.exe" install --x-wait-for-lock --triplet "x64-windows" --vcpkg-root "E:\Repos\vcpkg\\" "--x-manifest-root=E:\Voodoo dosbox-staging\\" "--x-install-root=E:\Voodoo dosbox-staging\vcpkg_installed\x64-windows\\"
waiting to take filesystem lock on E:\Repos\vcpkg\.vcpkg-root...
Detecting compiler hash for triplet x64-windows...
The following packages will be built and installed:
* dirent[core]:x64-windows -> 1.23.2#1
fluidsynth[buildtools,core]:x64-windows -> 2.2.8
* gettext[core]:x64-windows -> 0.21#9
* glib[core]:x64-windows -> 2.75.1
gtest[core]:x64-windows -> 1.12.1
ThomasEricB / dosbox-x.conf
Created October 30, 2022 11:49
Dosbox X Config
# This is the configuration file for DOSBox SVN-Daum. (Please use the latest version of DOSBox)
# Lines starting with a # are comment lines and are ignored by DOSBox.
# They are used to (briefly) document the effect of each option.
# fullscreen: Start dosbox directly in fullscreen. (Press ALT-Enter to go back)
# fulldouble: Use double buffering in fullscreen. It can reduce screen flickering, but it can also result in a slow DOSBox.
# fullresolution: What resolution to use for fullscreen: original, desktop or a fixed size (e.g. 1024x768).
# Using your monitor's native resolution with aspect=true might give the best results.
# If you end up with small window on a large screen, try an output different from surface.
ThomasEricB / dosbox-staging.conf
Created October 30, 2022 11:03
Win98 DosBox Staging Config
# This is the configuration file for dosbox-staging (0.79.1).
# Lines starting with a '#' character are comments.
# fullscreen: Start directly in fullscreen.
# Run INTRO and see Special Keys for window control hotkeys.
# display: Number of display to use; values depend on OS and user settings.
# fullresolution: What resolution to use for fullscreen: 'original', 'desktop'
# or a fixed size (e.g. 1024x768).
# windowresolution: Set window size when running in windowed mode: