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Identify if issue with same name in XML WMS capabilities
import argparse
from collections import Counter
import urllib.request
from lxml import etree
except ImportError:
print("Failed to import etree from lxml. Fall to default Python lib")
from xml.etree import ElementTree as etree
except ImportError:
print("Failed to import etree from native Python")
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description = '''%(prog)s: Check if not issues in WMS capabilities:
Can be tested for remote with something like `python3 ""`
or for local path with `python3 capabilities.xml`''')
parser.add_argument("path", type=str,
help="Provide WMS capabilities path (http or local)")
args = parser.parse_args()
path = args.path
if path.startswith('http'):
with urllib.request.urlopen(path) as inputcontent:
xml_content = etree.parse(inputcontent)
with open(path, encoding="utf-8") as inputcontent:
xml_content = etree.parse(inputcontent)
nested_names = [layer.xpath('./*[local-name()="Name"]') for layer in xml_content.xpath('.//*[local-name()="Layer"]')]
flat_names = [item for names in nested_names for item in names if len(names) > 0]
all_names_within_layers = [name.text for name in flat_names if not name.text.startswith('inspire_common:')]
diagnostics = [k for k, v in Counter(all_names_within_layers).items() if v > 1]
if len(diagnostics) > 0:
for diagnostic in diagnostics:
print(f"You have a duplicated <Layer> with same <Name>{diagnostic}</Name>")
print(f"No issues detected for duplicated <Name> in any <Layer> block")
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