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Created December 2, 2022 23:20
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GNM: GNMRegisterAllInternal
GNM: RegisterGNMFile
GNM: RegisterGNMdatabase
HTTP: Fetch(
WFS: No paging support
WFS: No ImplementsStandardJoins support
WFS: No transaction support
GDAL: GDALOpen(WFS:, this=0x19342f0) succeeds as WFS.
GDAL: QuietDelete(cadastral_parcel_filtered.gpkg) invoking Delete()
GDAL: GDALDriver::Create(GPKG,cadastral_parcel_filtered.gpkg,0,0,0,Unknown,(nil))
HTTP: Fetch(,cp:CadastralZoning)
WFS: Turn off loading of multiple layer definitions at a single time
HTTP: Fetch(
HTTP: Fetch(
GML: Using Expat reader
GML: Global SRS =
GDAL: GDALOpen(/vsimem/tempwfs_0x21f0b20/file.gml, this=0x26303d0) succeeds as GML.
GDAL: GDALClose(/vsimem/tempwfs_0x21f0b20/file.gml, this=0x26303d0)
HTTP: Fetch(
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