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Sample Leaflet with GeoJSON
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<title>A Leaflet map!</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-xodZBNTC5n17Xt2atTPuE1HxjVMSvLVW9ocqUKLsCC5CXdbqCmblAshOMAS6/keqq/sMZMZ19scR4PsZChSR7A==" crossorigin="" />
<script src="" integrity="sha512-XQoYMqMTK8LvdxXYG3nZ448hOEQiglfqkJs1NOQV44cWnUrBc8PkAOcXy20w0vlaXaVUearIOBhiXZ5V3ynxwA==" crossorigin=""></script>
#map{ height: 100% }
<div id="map"></div>
// initialize the map
var map ='map').setView([42.35, -71.08], 3);
// load a tile layer
attribution: 'Tiles by <a href="">MAPC</a>, Data by <a href="">MassGIS</a>',
maxZoom: 17,
minZoom: 9
// load GeoJSON from an external file
fetch("countries.geojson").then(res => res.json()).then(data => {
// add GeoJSON layer to the map once the file is loaded
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loorlab commented Apr 14, 2021


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jivthesh commented Aug 15, 2021

from where do u get these geojson data any link you could share

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ThomasG77 commented Aug 15, 2021

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jivthesh commented Aug 17, 2021

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hugonbgg commented Nov 17, 2021


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amauryBM commented Jan 8, 2022


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