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Created February 21, 2019 19:07
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How to automatically remove cached media files older that 7 days from your Mastodon instance
This is how to automatically delete cached image previews from your Mastodon instance if they are older than 7 days.
Log in as your "mastodon" User or log in as root and then change to the "mastodon" user, who runs Mastodon:
# su - mastodon
Open crontab:
$ crontab -e
... and add these lines to your crontab:
### Mastodon cronjobs for media cache purging
@daily cd /home/mastodon/live && bin/tootctl media remove
Edit the editor. The new Cron Job will be accepted.
This script assumes that your Mastodon Sourcecode lives in /home/mastodon/live (as suggested by the official setup guide).
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If you're running Mastodon in a docker container, run docker exec -it mastodon_web_1 tootctl media remove --days=7

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