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Put this into your .bashrc to auto-start a tmux session after SSH login
Put these lines into your server's .bashrc:
## TMUX auto attach
if [ -n "$SSH_CLIENT" ] || [ -n "$SSH_TTY" ]; then # if this is an SSH session
if which tmux >/dev/null 2>&1; then # check if tmux is installed
if [[ -z "$TMUX" ]] ;then # do not allow "tmux in tmux"
ID="$( tmux ls | grep -vm1 attached | cut -d: -f1 )" # get the id of a deattached session
if [[ -z "$ID" ]] ;then # if not available create a new one
tmux new-session
tmux attach-session -t "$ID" # if available, attach to it
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