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Last active Oct 3, 2018
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Create | Azure Functions + NodeJs + Table Storage
// Reference to the Azure Storage SDK
const azure = require('azure-storage');
// Reference to the uuid package which helps us to create
// unique identifiers for our PartitionKey
const uuid = require('uuid/v1');
// The TableService is used to send requests to the database
const tableService = azure.createTableService();
const tableName = "mytable";
module.exports = function (context, req) {
context.log('Start ItemCreate');
if (req.body) {
// TODO: Add some object validation logic &
// make sure the object is flat
// Adding PartitionKey & RowKey as they are required for any data stored in Azure Table Storage
const item = req.body;
item["PartitionKey"] = "Partition";
item["RowKey"] = uuid();
// Use { echoContent: true } if you want to return the created item including the Timestamp & etag
tableService.insertEntity(tableName, item, { echoContent: true }, function (error, result, response) {
if (!error) {
// This returns a 201 code + the database response inside the body
// Calling status like this will automatically trigger a context.done()
} else {
// In case of an error we return an appropriate status code and the error returned by the DB
context.res.status(500).json({ error: error });
else {
// Return an error if we don't revceive an object
context.res = {
status: 400,
body: "Please pass an item in the request body"
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