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@Thorium Thorium/sftp.fs
Created Nov 20, 2017

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SFTP with SSH.Net
// #r "../packages/SSH.NET/lib/net40/Renci.SshNet.dll"
open Renci.SshNet
open System.IO
/// FSharp Async wrapper for SSH.NET SFTP
type SftpClient with
member x.ListDirectoryAsync path =
Async.FromBeginEnd((fun(iar,state) ->
x.BeginListDirectory(path, iar, state)), x.EndListDirectory)
member x.DownloadFileAsync path output =
Async.FromBeginEnd((fun(iar,state) ->
x.BeginDownloadFile(path, output, iar, state)), x.EndDownloadFile)
member x.UploadFileAsync input path =
Async.FromBeginEnd((fun(iar,state) ->
x.BeginUploadFile(input, path, iar, state)), x.EndUploadFile)
|> Async.Catch
member x.SynchronizeDirectoriesAsync sourcePath destinationPath searchPattern =
Async.FromBeginEnd((fun(iar,state) ->
sourcePath, destinationPath, searchPattern, iar, state)),
|> Async.Catch
let downloadDir = @"c:\temp"
let uploadfile = @"c:\temp\file.txt"
let sftpExample host port username (password:string) =
async {
let workDir = "."
use client = new SftpClient(host, port, username, password)
printfn "Connected to %s" host
// Change directory:
client.ChangeDirectory workDir
// List files in directory:
let! listDirectory = client.ListDirectoryAsync workDir
listDirectory |> Seq.iter(fun file ->
if file.IsDirectory then printfn "/%s" file.Name
else printfn "%s" file.Name)
// Download a file:
let fileName = "manual_en.pdf"
use fileStream = File.OpenWrite(Path.Combine(downloadDir, fileName))
printfn "Downloading %s..." fileName
do! client.DownloadFileAsync ("./download/"+fileName) fileStream
printfn "Downloaded %s (%i bytes)" fileName fileStream.Length
// Upload a file:
client.ChangeDirectory "upload"
use fileStream = new FileStream(uploadfile, FileMode.Open)
printfn "Uploading %s (%i bytes)" uploadfile fileStream.Length
client.BufferSize <- 4096u // bypass Payload error large files
let! r = client.UploadFileAsync fileStream (Path.GetFileName uploadfile)
match r with
| Choice1Of2 _ -> printfn "Uploaded %s" uploadfile
| Choice2Of2 err -> printf "Error uploading %s: %O" uploadfile err
} |> Async.StartAsTask
let test =
sftpExample "" 2222 "demo-user" "demo-user"
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