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The Gauss accelerator design has been used by the UAC as the basis for numerous industrial projects over the years - such as the Argent Tower itself, and the Ore Diggers on Deimos and Phobos. With very few moving parts, the Gauss Cannon makes a reliable, powerful weapon. By accelerating steel flechettes through a magnetized chamber, extremely high velocities can be achieved. The weapon has near perfect accuracy thanks to the aerodynamic design of the projectiles. Ammunition is cheap and readily available, and is designed to maintain its composition when passing through organic material. The Gauss Cannon has a noticeable kick that must be compensated for by the operator.

Precision Bolt

A standard telescopic sight can be placed on the Gauss Cannon, allowing for even greater accuracy at long ranges with this precise weapon. While using the scope, the operator can accumulate additional magnetic charge within the launch chamber, which when released will fire the flechettes at an even greater speed. When fully charged, a functional flechette is almost unstoppable, and will pass through multiple targets.

Siege Mode

This modification adds an Argon Gas Ionizer to the weapon. When initiated, the launch chamber is vacuum sealed as Argon gas is ionized until it forms plasma. When the Argon has been fully ionized, the chamber is opened and a plasma beam is ejected from the weapon. Due to the precise nature of this modification's operation, safety valves prevent the weapon from discharging until the Argon has been fully ionized. The operator must also remain stationary during charging due to the volatile nature of freeing electrons from the gas. Upon successful release, the plasma beam will penetrate multiple targets and produce a concussive blast at the final point of impact.

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