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[echo] Running Findbugs
[findbugs] Executing findbugs FindBugsTask from ant task
[findbugs] Running FindBugs...
[findbugs] The following errors occurred during analysis:
[findbugs] Iterative jump info converged after 21 iterations in static freenet.crypt.ciphers.Rijndael_Algorithm.<clinit>()V, size 3018
[findbugs] Warnings generated: 797
[findbugs] Analysis errors: 1
[findbugs] Calculating exit code...
[findbugs] Setting 'errors encountered' flag (4)
[findbugs] Setting 'bugs found' flag (1)
[findbugs] Exit code set to: 5
[findbugs] Java Result: 5
/home/steve/Documents/Coding/freenet/fred/build-clean.xml:115: Execution of findbugs failed.
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