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Created February 11, 2015 04:21
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bspwm config files
#! /bin/sh
bspc config top_padding 24
bspc config bottom_padding 0
bspc config left_padding 0
bspc config right_padding 0
bspc config border_width 3
bspc config window_gap 16
# Borders and gaps
bspc config borderless_monocle true
bspc config gapless_monocle true
# Border colors
bspc config normal_border_color "#484848"
bspc config focused_border_color "#1F8999"
bspc config urgent_border_color "#B58900"
bspc config presel_border_color "#26E2FF"
# It looks like these options get overridden by Compton...
bspc config normal_frame_opacity 0.75
bspc config focused_frame_opacity 0.75
# Multihead behavior
bspc config remove_disabled_monitors true
bspc config remove_unplugged_monitors true
# Focusing behavior
bspc config focus_follows_pointer false
bspc config history_aware_focus true
bspc config focus_by_distance true
# Misc
bspc config split_ratio 0.50
bspc config auto_alternate true
bspc config auto_cancel true
bspc config initial_polarity first_child
# Set up displays
bspc monitor -d 1 2 3 4
bspc rule -a Conky sticky=on manage=off lower=on
bspc rule -a xfce4-session floating=on fullscreen=on
bspc rule -a xfce4-panel floating=on manage=off
bspc rule -a wrapper-1.0 floating=on border=off focus=on
bspc rule -a Firefox desktop=^4 focus=on
bspc rule -a Thunderbird floating=on
bspc rule -a Yad floating=on
# bspwm hotkeys
super + Escape
bspc window -c
super + {_,ctrl + }Tab
bspc window -f {next,prev}
super + {period,slash}
bspc desktop -C {backward,forward}
super + bracket{left,right}
bspc desktop -f {prev,next}
super + ctrl + bracket{left,right}
bspc window -d {prev,next}
bspc desktop -f {prev,next}
super + {semicolon,apostrophe}
bspc desktop -F {vertical,horizontal}
super + {Left,Down,Up,Right}
bspc window -p {left,down,up,right}
super + z
bspc window -w last.manual
super + ctrl + f
bspc window -t floating
super + {1-9,0}
bspc desktop -f ^{1-9,10}
super + ctrl + {1-0,0}
bspc window -d ^{1-9,10}
bspc desktop -f ^{1-9,10}
super + ctrl + m
bspc desktop -l next
# Mouse bindings
bspc pointer -g focus
super + button{1-3}
bspc pointer -g {move,resize_side,resize_corner}
super + !button{1-3}
bspc pointer -t %i %i
super + @button{1-3}
bspc pointer -u
# wm independent hotkeys
alt + f4
bash -c ". $HOME/.bash_aliases ; altf4_psyche"
super + space
ctrl + super + space
super + l
super + Return
super + f
super + e
super + w
super + t
super + o
super + m
super + g
# make sxhkd reload its configuration files:
super + alt + Escape
pkill -USR1 -x sxhkd
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