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Last active Dec 27, 2021
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DataWhale API Support Proposal

DataWhale API Support Proposal

  • Date: 2021-12-27
  • Author: Tim Daubenschütz
  • Receiver: Moritz (DataWhale)


With ALGA, Datawhale wants to make Ocean data token trading and staking available to a wide range of mobile users. Already, Datawhale's team has become an avid user of Rug Pull Index's historical price API. The ALGA app uses RPI's 12 months of historical price data to show their users charts in the app.

With the launch of ALGA, both Tim (RPI) and Moritz (Datawhale) expect the need for support and new features in the app to grow. Tim and Moritz have aligned interests as they're both OceanDAO grants receivers, OCEAN holders and since they've pledged their focus to the Ocean Protocol.


For the RPI API to remain online and well-working, Moritz and Tim have agreed to collaborate more closely by setting up a paid support relationship. Moritz and Tim agree to the following:

  • For mission-critical bugs in ALGA, within 5 days of raising an issue, the RPI team resolves the issue. An issue is considered resolved if there's a mutual agreement between Moritz and Tim.

To get the collaboration started, additionally:

  • the RPI team continues to improve the API by adding a historical liquidity endpoint for each data token.
  • And, the RPI team adds an endpoint for retrieving the aggregated historical liquidity of all data token pools


Moritz and Tim share an interest to collaborate over the long-term. Moritz wants to provide DataWhale's customers with the best, most accurate and fastest data token charts. Tim wants RPI to become an infrastructure layer of the new data economy.

To support DataWhale's efforts and to implement the above outlined goals Tim pledges to work a total of 4 days at 800€/day making the total 3200€. At today's exchange rate of EUR/USD=1.13, that's a total budget of 3.623,62 USD. After this budget is used, the parties reconvene to discuss further potential collaboration. The two parties agree to invoice through e.g. Possible currencies for payment are USDC, OCEAN and other equivalents. The basis of the token's conversion rate is the public market price at the date of the invoice.


I'm excited about making this happen Moritz. I hope everything outlined here is in our shared interest! In case it isn't, please let me know where edits are necessary.

Best, Tim

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