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Example of a efficient test
using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Xunit;
using Bogus;
using AutoBogus;
using FluentAssertions;
using Squadron;
namespace Tests
public class PersistenceTest : IClassFixture<MongoResource>
private readonly Repository _repository;
private readonly IAutoFaker _fuzzer = AutoFaker.Create();
public PersistenceTest(MongoResource mongoResource)
Randomizer.Seed = new Random(42);
_repository = new Repository(mongoResource.CreateDatabase());
public async Task Add_Retrieve_Equivalent()
// Arrange
DomainModel model = _fuzzer.Generate<DomainModel>();
await _repository.AddAsync(model);
// Act
DomainModel result = await _repository.GetAsync(model.Id);
// Assert
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