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Last active Jan 1, 2016
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The range trading bot would work on price swings in a preset range
IMPORTANT: You have to configure it to what you believe the trading corridor is!
DISCLAIMER: all losses or harm resulting from the use of this code is YOUR SOLE responsibility
2013-12-12 piramida, based on balancer bot by prof7bit
goxtool is property of prof7bit
from datetime import datetime
import strategy
import time
RANGE_MIN = 50 # minimum possible price - at this price, we would be all BTC
RANGE_MAX = 1250 # maximum possible price - at this price, we would be all FIAT
PERCENT_STEP = 2.37 # each level is this much % above the next; add a prime to not hit walls
MARKER = 9 # lowest digit of price to identify bot's own orders
COIN = 1E8 # number of satoshi per coin, this is a constant.
VERSION = 1.0 # version of the bot
def add_marker(price, marker):
"""encode a marker in the price value to find bot's own orders"""
return price / 10 * 10 + marker
def has_marker(price, marker):
"""return true if the price value has the marker"""
return (price % 10) == marker
def mark_own(price):
"""return the price with our own marker embedded"""
return add_marker(price, MARKER)
def is_own(price):
"""return true if this price has our own marker"""
return has_marker(price, MARKER)
class Strategy(strategy.Strategy):
"""a range trading bot"""
_levels = [] # store price levels
def __init__(self, gox):
strategy.Strategy.__init__(self, gox)
self.temp_halt = False
def slot_keypress(self, gox, (key)):
"""a key has been pressed"""
if key == ord("c"):
# cancel existing orders and suspend trading
self.debug("canceling all orders")
self.temp_halt = True
if key == ord("p"):
# create the initial orders and start trading.
# market order at current price.
self.debug("adding 6 orders around current price and enabling trading")
self.temp_halt = False
if key == ord("i"):
# print some information into the log file about
# current trading level
level = self.closest_level()
except IndexError:
level = 0
self.debug("Closest level: %f [%d]" % (
gox.quote2float(self.levels[level]), level))
# self.debug([self.gox.quote2float(x) for x in self.levels])
def cancel_orders(self):
"""cancel all trading orders, we identify
them through the marker in the price value"""
must_cancel = []
for order in self.gox.orderbook.owns:
if is_own(order.price):
for order in must_cancel:
def price_now(self):
if == 0 or self.gox.orderbook.ask == 0:
return 0
return ( + self.gox.orderbook.ask) / 2
def total_fiat_now(self):
""" total fiat at curr market price """
fiat = self.gox.quote2float(self.gox.wallet[self.gox.curr_quote])
btc = self.gox.base2float(self.gox.wallet[self.gox.curr_base])
price = self.gox.quote2float(self.price_now)
return fiat + btc * price
def levels(self):
""" list of prices where we would trade """
if not self._levels:
self._levels = []
val = self.gox.quote2int(RANGE_MIN)
while val < self.gox.quote2int(RANGE_MAX):
val = int(val * (1.0 + PERCENT_STEP / 100.0))
return self._levels
def closest_level(self, price=None):
""" return a trade level closest to the current price """
if not price:
price = self.price_now
if price == 0:
return -1 # not yet initialized to have correct price
lvl = self.levels
return min(range(len(lvl)), key=lambda i: abs(lvl[i]-price))
def sell_amount(self, price):
""" how much to sell, in gox btc - our btc divided by number of steps left"""
idx = self.closest_level()
ratio = sum([1.0 * price / x for x in self.levels[idx+1:]])
if ratio == 0:
return -1
return int(self.gox.wallet[self.gox.curr_base] / ratio)
def buy_amount(self, price):
""" how much to buy, in gox btc - our fiat divided by number of steps left"""
idx = self.closest_level()
if idx < 1:
return -1
return self.gox.base2int(1.0 * self.gox.wallet[self.gox.curr_quote] / idx / price)
def place_all_orders(self):
""" set initial orders at all levels; currently limited to 6 (GOX timelimit) """
cur_lvl = self.closest_level()
if cur_lvl == -1:
start_idx = cur_lvl > 3 and cur_lvl - 3 or 0
end_idx = (cur_lvl < len(self.levels) - 3) and cur_lvl + 4 or len(self.levels)
for idx in range(start_idx, end_idx):
if idx == cur_lvl:
if idx > cur_lvl:
self.place_level_order(idx, True)
self.place_level_order(idx, False)
def place_orders(self):
"""place two orders above and below current level """
idx = self.closest_level()
if idx == -1:
return False
op = None
if self.place_level_order(idx + 1, True):
op = "BOUGHT"
if self.place_level_order(idx - 1, False):
op = "SOLD"
if op:
self.debug("*** %s at %d (%d) $%d: %s" % (
def place_level_order(self, idx, is_sale):
""" Set an order at the specified level """
if idx > len(self.levels) or idx < 0:
self.debug("!!! DONE creating orders since hit the border of range [%s-%s]" % (RANGE_MIN, RANGE_MAX))
self.temp_halt = True
return False # done trading
if self.find_level_in_orderbook(idx):
return False # already set, ignore
price = self.levels[idx]
if is_sale:
amount = self.sell_amount(price)
if amount < 0.01 * COIN:
self.debug("*** ERR not enough BTC to sell! Halting trading")
self.temp_halt = True
return False
op = "ask"
self.gox.sell(price, amount)
amount = self.buy_amount(price)
if amount < 0.01 * COIN:
self.debug("*** ERR not enough fiat to buy! Halting trading")
self.temp_halt = True
return False
op = "bid", amount)
self.debug("*** new %s %f at %f (%d)" % (
return True
def slot_trade(self, gox, (date, price, volume, typ, own)):
"""a trade message has been receivd"""
# not interested in other people's trades
if not own:
# not interested in manually entered (not bot) trades
if not is_own(price):
def slot_owns_changed(self, orderbook, _dummy):
"""status or amount of own open orders has changed"""
def find_level_in_orderbook(self, level):
""" returns true if the level is filled with some kind of order """
if level < 0:
return True
price = self.levels[level]
for order in self.gox.orderbook.owns:
if order.price == price and order.volume > 0.00000001 * COIN:
return True
# No Matches
return False
def check_trades(self):
"""find out if we need to place new orders and do it if neccesary"""
# bot temporarily disabled
if self.temp_halt:
# still waiting for submitted orders,
# can wait for next signal
if self.gox.count_submitted:
if not self.find_level_in_orderbook(self.closest_level()):
# not found our order in the orderbook - try setting the orders!
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