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WeTV - hijack callback

With this code you can hijack the JSON data WeTV player loads - doesn't matter the encryption version. Change the hijackedCallback function to do whatever you want with the data and then you can create a bookmarklet with this tool. After running the bookmarklet it will hijack one request - initial video load or when you change the quality. Comment out line 10 if you want it to keep hijacking.

If you use this code in your project - let me know and credit me. ;)

let hijackedCallback = data => {
new MutationObserver((mutations, observer) => {
for(let mutation of mutations) {
for(let element of mutation.addedNodes) {
if(element.tagName === 'SCRIPT' && element.src.indexOf('/play.') > -1) {
observer.disconnect(); // you can comment that line out if you want to keep observing
let callbackName = (new URL(element.src)).searchParams.get('callback');
(name => {
let realCallback = window[name];
window[name] = data => {
}).observe(document.head, {childList: true});
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Tithen-Firion commented Oct 10, 2020

You run this code and then change the video quality. You can see that hijackedCallback simply logs the data to the browser console (F12 > Console). This is just an example, you can do whatever you want with that data.

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