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turntable.addEventListener("soundstart", function(m){ROOMMANAGER.callback("add_song_to","queue"); ROOMMANAGER.callback("upvote");});
turntable.addEventListener("message", function(m){ if(typeof(m.command) !== "undefined") { if (m.command == 'update_votes'){setTimeout(function(){ROOMMANAGER.callback("stop_song")}, 1000)} } });
setInterval(function(){ROOMMANAGER.callback("upvote")}, 500);
setInterval(function(){turntable.lastMotionTime = / 1000;}, 10000);
setInterval(function(){$('.ok-button').click()}, 500);

hey! I've tried this and doesnt seem to work.. or maybe i tried it in a wrong way..
can you give me some help? :) thanks

Have to use it with multiple djs/people in the room all using it

can you set up a room real quick?

ok so once you have the people and the DJ's, how do you activate it.

In firefox, download Firebug. Open firebug and click the console tab. There should be three >'s at the bottom, click to the right of it, paste this code in, hit enter, then click run to the right.
In chrome right-click (or ctrl+click) to bring up the inspector. There should be a button with a > and three lines. Click it, then paste your code and hit enter.

I also want to let you know that this code doesn't work as intended (I'm on mac OS 1.6.7). The Idle alert comes up, the button gets pushed, but it pushes you out of the room after two minutes anyway. It does it on both Firefox and Chrome.

hey man, it says turntable is undefined in chrome

Just checked and it's still defined :P

Also, they are constantly updating stuff, so eventually this is going to no longer work ;)

This didn't work for me. When do you run this?

It's working fine for me. I'm running it right now.

Is this still working as of today? It's not working for me. Using firefox. "Not defined" Please advice..thanks.

Also, on Chrome. After hitting Run there's no notification whether script worked or not.

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