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--- Log opened Sun Jan 08 00:52:54 2012
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00:52 ♦ Irssi: #mcbans: Total of 116 nicks (7 ops, 0 halfops, 9 voices, 100 normal)
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00:52 @g> the emailed one was just a list of emails
00:53 tyteen4a03> TkTech: hi
00:53 @g> as in, a list of people they sent that email to
00:53 @g> and nope
00:53 TkTech> Hey-ho
00:53 @g> hai TkTech
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00:53 @g> sephirothsg, I would hope not
00:54 @g> Why's that?
00:55 @g> you a hater, sir?
00:55 @g> McBans :P
00:55 dewknight> So is there an official post anywhere of what the hell happened over the last week? It would really be nice to see some real information and not just people saying that nothing happened
00:56 ★ MCBans_Housecat rubs around eggy's leg
00:56 ★ MCBans_Housecat purrs
00:56 @g> I'm wondering why you'd want people outside McBans to have the db :P
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00:57 @g> no
00:57 @g> you're not identified
00:57 @g> so identify
00:57 @g> ./ns identify user pass
00:57 @g> your client fails
00:57 @g> so do it
00:57 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o Stracci|away by NyanServ
00:57 ♦ Stracci|away is now known as Stracci
00:58 @Stracci> ur script
00:58 @Stracci> failes
00:58 @Stracci> fails *
00:58 @g> If you aren't identified, then you're +q'd
00:58 @g> which means only ops can see what you say
00:58 ♦ wannabemac ( has joined #mcbans
00:58 wannabemac> hello?
00:58 @g> hi, wannabemac
00:58 @g> sephirothsg, oh well
00:59 @g> ThisDB, I ca
00:59 @g> can*
00:59 wannabemac> Am I able to get the proofban plugin from somewhere?
00:59 @g> ?? downloads/proofban
00:59 @MCBans_Housecat> (downloads/proofban)
00:59 wannabemac> Thanks.
00:59 wannabemac> Have a nice day.
00:59 ♦ g changed the topic of #mcbans to: MCBans Central Support Center | Any trolling will result in a channel ban. | Notice : If you are having issues or find problems please contact our staff or submit a support ticket as soon as possible. | If you aren't identified with NickServ, you will be unable to nick and only ops will be able to hear you.
00:59 @g> wannabemac, you too
01:00 ♦ wannabemac ( has left #mcbans ()
01:00 @g> napalm1: ?
01:00 @g> okay then..
01:00 @g> lol
01:00 youyouxue> Test
01:00 @g> sephirothsg, nope
01:00 youyouxue> K back
01:00 @g> youyouxue, hai
01:00 youyouxue> hai g
01:01 youyouxue> did you get my message?
01:01 @g> <youyouxue> Test
01:01 youyouxue> no
01:01 youyouxue> nvr mind
01:01 youyouxue> are we on +q $~a?
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01:01 @g> 'bai, sephirothsg
01:01 @g> youyouxue, yeah
01:01 ♦ sephirothsg ( has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
01:01 youyouxue> kk
01:01 ♦ youyouxue is now known as [Y]|MC
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01:06 dewknight> So no official post anywhere then about what happened?
01:06 [Y]|MC> No. It is no longer being talked about
01:07 [Y]|MC> There is an official post on
01:07 [Y]|MC> but that is it
01:07 [Y]|MC> And rakiru, could you lock this topic on the forums for me please?;topicseen
01:07 dewknight> No longer being talked about. Wow
01:07 [Y]|MC> Yeah dewknight we sometimes have to move on.
01:08 dewknight> Well I'd like to know what actually happened and what may have really been compromised. It seems a little ridiculous that the only information released about this is a small snippet on the main page and forum with no real explanation
01:08 dewknight> But alright then
01:08 [Y]|MC> Don't worry
01:08 [Y]|MC> All information is secure
01:09 [Y]|MC> User passwords, information, email addresses, are encrypted and safe
01:09 [Y]|MC> You can trust MCBans with your privacy
01:09 dewknight> Yeah I'm going to go ahead and worry because you're pretty much not saying anything about it
01:09 [Y]|MC> I just told you it's safe
01:09 [Y]|MC> Now shush
01:09 Zed> dewknight: You can download the entire 120mb db backup, if you want to know what was taken.
01:10 Zed> Most of it is hashed, as far as I've heard, though.
01:10 [Y]|MC> All APIs that were leaked are now disabled
01:10 [Y]|MC> obviously
01:11 ★ MCBans_Housecat rubs around Dino462's leg
01:11 ★ MCBans_Housecat purrs
01:11 Zed> And fair enough, I say.
01:11 tyteen4a03> MCBans_Housecat: bad kitty
01:11 dewknight> I've been a longtime user of mcbans and a donator, please don't assume I'm just some troll. I'm just saying that the information you've posted so far regarding the incident doesn't exactly give me any confidence in what actually happened. That's all I've got to say
01:11 tyteen4a03> bad bad kitty
01:12 [Y]|MC> dewknight, I understand what you're saying
01:12 [Y]|MC> But, you need to just trust the fact that they're under control
01:12 tyteen4a03> dewknight: Only a small part of the email database got compromised, if you are really concerned about your account safety, you can always change your password (which is a good thing to do). Other than your password, what are you concerned about? just wondering
01:12 tyteen4a03> (notice I did not read the chatlog)
01:13 +rakiru> dewknight: A backup of the forum database was downloaded due to an exploit in the forum software we were using.
01:13 [Y]|MC> Very good answer as well ^
01:13 @Firesleep> The APi keys that were released are locked to IP's that have been previously used
01:13 @Firesleep> prior to the leak.
01:13 @Firesleep> thus they cannot be used.
01:13 tyteen4a03> Firesleep: talking in your sleep :o
01:13 Zed> rakiru: I do believe it was an entire site database.
01:13 ♦ Zerim ( has joined #mcbans
01:13 Zed> Seeing as the API keys were leaked, and honestly
01:13 Zerim> *cough*
01:14 Zed> why would you keep the API keys on your forum?
01:14 tyteen4a03> API keys on forum...? o.o
01:14 @Firesleep> it was the old server/
01:14 @Firesleep> we migrated back in april
01:14 @Firesleep> of last year
01:14 [Y]|MC> Oh and thanks rakir* for locking the thread
01:14 [Y]|MC> That kid was getting annoying
01:14 +rakiru> np
01:14 +rakiru> indeed
01:14 [Y]|MC> Lol
01:14 [Y]|MC> bad spelling
01:17 ♦ Captainnana is now known as Captainnana|Away
01:17 TkTech> Firesleep: Could I recommend, if you don't mind, a more detailed forum post that includes what you've mentioned here? Unfortuntely [Y]|MC's "just trust it" line doesn't inspire much confidence.
01:17 That_Guy> did i miss anything sexy
01:18 Zed> That_Guy: Depending on how long you've been afk, more than likely.
01:18 tyteen4a03> ^^
01:18 dewknight> I'm concerned about the overall security of the system in general. Rakiru -- that's the kind of information I was interested in, what actually happened. Of course I've changed passwords. When a security breach happens, full disclosure is really needed. We can't just trust "it's safe". If it was safe the breach wouldn't have happened in the first place. I'm certainly not the only one that feels
01:18 dewknight> this way
01:18 ♦ dewknight was kicked from #mcbans by MCBans_Housecat (dewknight is a dirty spammer!)
01:18 ♦ dewknight ( has joined #mcbans
01:18 That_Guy> spamz0r
01:18 tyteen4a03> dewknight: don't mind the cat
01:18 tyteen4a03> if you want me to crash that cat as a punishment, tell me :P
01:18 ♦ peterthegamer ( has joined #mcbans
01:19 dewknight> I'm assuming it was automatic for the long message. Did my message get posted?
01:19 tyteen4a03> dewknight: yes
01:19 TkTech> dewknight: You certainly aren't the only one who feels that way. Transparency in a scenary such as this is always the better course of action.
01:19 TkTech> *scenario.
01:19 ♦ peterthegamer ( has quit (Client Quit)
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01:20 [Y]|MC> TkTech
01:20 [Y]|MC> I have posted again
01:20 [Y]|MC> check it
01:20 @Firesleep> dewknight: we told you the db was leaked from the forums and the old site
01:20 TkTech> [Y]|MC: I'm sorry, would you mind providing a link?
01:20 ♦ napalm1 ( has quit (Quit: napalm1)
01:20 @Firesleep> they gained access through the forum software
01:21 That_Guy> h4x0rz
01:21 @Firesleep> there isn't anything else
01:21 [Y]|MC>
01:21 [Y]|MC> There you go
01:24 @Doridian> !unban HiddenCloud
01:24 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b *!* by NyanServ
01:24 [Y]|MC> Dori
01:24 [Y]|MC> is hidden cloud one of your staff?
01:24 @Doridian> no
01:24 [Y]|MC> k
01:24 That_Guy> wat
01:24 @Doridian> he just did something, apologized, so i let him back in
01:24 [Y]|MC> Got it got it
01:24 That_Guy> Doridian, will you marry be too?
01:24 @Doridian> no
01:25 That_Guy> D:
01:25 That_Guy> be
01:25 That_Guy> fuck i meant me
01:25 +rakiru> he
01:25 +rakiru> is
01:25 +rakiru> MINE
01:25 [Y]|MC> Why
01:25 +rakiru> :3
01:25 [Y]|MC> are
01:25 [Y]|MC> you
01:25 [Y]|MC> spamming
01:25 [Y]|MC> like
01:25 [Y]|MC> me
01:25 tyteen4a03> did the forums get reset last year?
01:25 That_Guy> DONT
01:25 That_Guy> SPAM
01:25 That_Guy> HERE
01:25 [Y]|MC> It was reset yesterday
01:25 +rakiru> don't make me add ?? youyouxue again
01:25 ♦ Deviant ( has joined #mcbans
01:25 ★ [Y]|MC hides
01:26 @MCBans_Housecat> :3
01:26 [Y]|MC> :P
01:26 @Doridian> misstresses, are you kidding?
01:26 @Doridian> i dont want mistresses
01:26 That_Guy> can i pet the cat? :3
01:26 ★ [Y]|MC pets MCBans_Housecat
01:26 ★ MCBans_Housecat purrs
01:26 That_Guy> does it take kindly to rape too?
01:27 ★ rakiru rapes MCBans_Housecat
01:27 ★ MCBans_Housecat loves her ikle rakitten
01:27 ♦ MisanthropX ( has joined #mcbans
01:27 Morrolan> What on...
01:27 That_Guy> you did it
01:27 @Stracci> Deviant we never lost control
01:27 ♦ matthewdm ( has joined #mcbans
01:27 @Stracci> woooo, a userlist
01:27 tyteen4a03> ?? eval "rakiru just raped me :("
01:27 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) rakiru just raped me :(
01:27 That_Guy> :(
01:27 That_Guy> i was going to
01:28 That_Guy> but he won me
01:28 ♦ JagerPrime ( has joined #mcbans
01:28 [Y]|MC> ?? eval 1/0
01:28 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) integer division or modulo by zero
01:28 [Y]|MC> ?! eval
01:28 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) $(eval(" ".join(message.split(" ")[2:]), {"__builtins__": None, "hashlib": __import__("hashlib"), "math": __import__("math"), "re": __import__("re"), "wget": wget, "md5": md5, "randint": randint}, {"message": message, "target": target, "origin": origin, "host": host, "user": user}))
01:28 [Y]|MC> ?? origin eggy
01:28 @Stracci> Deviant are you on crack?
01:28 ♦ jast (jast@ has joined #mcbans
01:28 @Stracci> That user list is pretty old
01:28 @Stracci> almost a week now
01:28 [Y]|MC> ?? user youyouxue
01:28 [Y]|MC> lol on crack
01:28 ♦ HiddenCloud ( has joined #mcbans
01:29 ♦ Sk8r2K10 ( has quit (Quit: *ragequit*)
01:29 [Y]|MC> ?? eval user youyouxue
01:29 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) unexpected EOF while parsing (<string>, line 1)
01:29 ♦ Sk8r2K10 ( has joined #mcbans
01:29 @Stracci> That list is 8 days old
01:29 @Stracci> Please verify your sources, or gtfo.
01:29 @Stracci> ^
01:29 ♦ Pulchritude ( has joined #mcbans
01:29 [Y]|MC> ?? eval radint
01:29 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) name 'radint' is not defined
01:29 [Y]|MC> Stracci
01:29 That_Guy> wat
01:29 That_Guy> ur all sexy
01:29 +rakiru> ?? eval message
01:29 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) ?? eval message
01:29 [Y]|MC> it looks like your'e talking to no-one
01:29 [Y]|MC> as we are on registered users only
01:30 @Stracci> Deviant: Then dont come in here acting like an asshat.
01:30 +rakiru> ?? eval message+'\n'+message
01:30 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) ?? eval message+'\n'+message
01:30 @MCBans_Housecat> ?? eval message+'\n'+message
01:30 +rakiru> i knew it wouldn't listen to itself
01:30 +rakiru> shouldn't*
01:30 Zed> What is with the ?? eval shite?
01:30 +rakiru> was checking
01:30 [Y]|MC> it evaluates stuff
01:30 [Y]|MC> ?! eval
01:30 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) $(eval(" ".join(message.split(" ")[2:]), {"__builtins__": None, "hashlib": __import__("hashlib"), "math": __import__("math"), "re": __import__("re"), "wget": wget, "md5": md5, "randint": randint}, {"message": message, "target": target, "origin": origin, "host": host, "user": user}))
01:30 [Y]|MC> like that
01:30 Zed> You don't say.
01:30 @Stracci> And if you would have listened to the first 5 lines i wrote
01:30 @Stracci> I said no
01:31 [Y]|MC> ?? eval 10+2000
01:31 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) 2010
01:31 [Y]|MC> yay
01:31 +rakiru> i am aware of what it does youyou...
01:31 [Y]|MC> I was talking to zed
01:31 [Y]|MC> not you :)
01:31 ♦ Joshchamp ( has joined #mcbans
01:31 island219> ?? eval randint
01:31 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) <bound method evalFunctions.randint of <system.evalfunctions.evalFunctions object at 0x15c71250>>
01:31 island219> ?? eval randint5
01:31 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) name 'randint5' is not defined
01:31 Zed> Here I am, not knowng eval does eval, like a sucker. ;)
01:31 ♦ Thew ( has joined #mcbans
01:31 island219> D:
01:31 island219> ?? eval randint 6
01:31 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) unexpected EOF while parsing (<string>, line 1)
01:32 island219> Oh well
01:32 [Y]|MC> ?? eval randint
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) <bound method evalFunctions.randint of <system.evalfunctions.evalFunctions object at 0x15c71250>>
01:32 @g> ?? eval randint(0, 10)
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) 3
01:32 [Y]|MC> thanks g lol
01:32 island219> Serves me tight for not reading
01:32 +rakiru> ?? c/rnd 80
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (c/rnd) 79
01:32 +rakiru> ?? c/rnd 80
01:32 [Y]|MC> ?? eval randint(0, 900000000000)
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (c/rnd) 75
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) 93145912112
01:32 +rakiru> ?? c/rnd 80
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (c/rnd) 30
01:32 [Y]|MC> woooop
01:32 +rakiru> ?? c/rnd 80
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (c/rnd) 24
01:32 @Stracci> Stop spamming
01:32 +rakiru> ?! c/rnd
01:32 @Stracci> >_>
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (c/rnd) $(random.randint(int(0),int(message.split(" ")[2])))
01:32 [Y]|MC> ?? c/rnd 30
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (c/rnd) 20
01:32 +rakiru> sorry :S
01:32 [Y]|MC> ?? c/rnd 10
01:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (c/rnd) 9
01:32 [Y]|MC> :)))
01:32 ♦ Joshchamp ( has left #mcbans ()
01:32 [Y]|MC> you guys should have #mcbans-cat
01:32 [Y]|MC> so we can lookup thre
01:32 +rakiru> there's always -help
01:32 [Y]|MC> there*
01:32 @g> that's an idea
01:32 [Y]|MC> oh
01:32 [Y]|MC> yeah g
01:33 ♦ Deviant was kicked from #mcbans by MCBans_Housecat (Deviant is a dirty spammer!)
01:33 [Y]|MC> it would be cool
01:33 @Stracci> THAN THE LORD
01:33 @Stracci> thank *
01:33 ♦ Deviant ( has joined #mcbans
01:33 @g> .raw join #mcbans-cat
01:33 ♦ [Y]|MC is now known as [Y]
01:33 [Y]> he's back
01:33 +rakiru> ooh, hide other user chat?
01:33 ♦ mode/#mcbans +b *!* by Stracci
01:33 ♦ Deviant was kicked from #mcbans by Stracci (herpa derp.)
01:33 +rakiru> damnit, channel limit
01:33 @Stracci> no one
01:33 @Stracci> ^_^
01:33 +rakiru> "no one"?
01:35 ♦ barneygale ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
01:36 ♦ island219 is now known as island219-Sleep
01:37 [Y]> Join #mcbans-cat
01:37 [Y]> The bot is in there from now on
01:38 [Y]> wow we can ping everyone huh
01:38 [Y]> :3
01:38 [Y]> here goes
01:38 [Y]> ?? getstaff
01:38 @MCBans_Housecat> (getstaff) XnosgothX:xnosgothx:2, SP_S6:sp_s6:2, gdude2002:arbot:2, Stracci:straccipwns:1, captainnana:captainnana:2, Akathepriest:akathepriest:2, rabbitkillrun:rakiru:1, matthewdm:matthewdm:2, Draco:corpdraco:2, Ablac:ablac:2, gaz492:gaz492:2, Doridian:Doridian:1, mmaton:mmaton:2, Crashdoom:crashdoom:1, Juze:juze:2, unimatrix999:unimatrix999:1,
01:38 @MCBans_Housecat>, Firestar:firestarthe:1
01:38 ♦ [Y] was kicked from #mcbans by g ([Y])
01:38 ♦ [Y] ( has joined #mcbans
01:38 [Y]> derp sorry
01:40 ♦ napalm1 (~spencerwe@ has joined #mcbans
01:41 ★ MCBans_Housecat jumps onto the fridge
01:41 @MCBans_Housecat> o3o
01:41 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Excess Flood)
01:41 That_Guy> lol
01:41 expertmac2> AndreasB killed it
01:41 expertmac2> xD
01:41 jgeboski> I'm sure you all are aware of this but, I did receive and email in relation to attack on MCBans, and obviously not much can be done. I can provide the email on request if needed
01:41 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
01:41 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
01:42 ★ MCBans_Housecat paws Yetanotherx
01:42 Yetanotherx> ......
01:42 That_Guy> wat
01:46 ♦ jast (jast@ has left #mcbans ()
01:48 ★ MCBans_Housecat loves her ikle rakitten
01:48 ♦ gl1d3r ( has joined #mcbans
01:49 Zed> That cat is really disturbing.
01:49 @g> :P
01:49 That_Guy> in the other room
01:49 That_Guy> he said hes going to kill everyone
01:50 That_Guy> <That_Guy> do you want to kill everyone here?
01:50 That_Guy> <That_Guy> ?? c/decision
01:50 That_Guy> <@MCBans_Housecat> (c/decision) Yes.
01:50 ♦ That_Guy was kicked from #mcbans by MCBans_Housecat (That_Guy is a dirty spammer!)
01:50 ♦ mode/#mcbans +bb *!~SR@* That_Guy!*@* by MCBans_Housecat
01:50 Zed> I'm honestly not sure if it's a really weirdly programmed cat-bot, or if it's a person.
01:51 tyteen4a03> Zed: it's a crazy bot
01:51 tyteen4a03> want me to crash it?
01:51 Zed> Fuck no, I love it.
01:51 +mmaton> !unban That_Guy!*@*
01:51 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b That_Guy!*@* by NyanServ
01:51 +mmaton> !unban *!~SR@*
01:51 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b *!~SR@* by NyanServ
01:51 ♦ That_Guy ( has joined #mcbans
01:51 That_Guy> thanks.
01:51 That_Guy> lol
01:52 +mmaton> -_-
01:52 ♦ gl1d3r ( has left #mcbans ()
01:53 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b qqqqq!*@* by Doridian
01:53 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b *!~qqqqq@* by Doridian
01:53 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b *!~oooo@* by Doridian
01:53 ♦ mmaton is now known as mmaton|offline
01:53 +rakiru> meow
01:54 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b BBBBB!*@* by Doridian
01:54 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b *!~BBBBB@* by Doridian
01:54 ♦ mmaton|offline is now known as mmaton
01:54 expertmac2> loooong ban list you have there
01:54 @Doridian> there, cleaned up bans a bit
01:54 ♦ Thew ( has quit (Quit: Try HydraIRC -> <-)
01:55 ♦ source|tablet ( has quit (Ping timeout: 195 seconds)
01:56 ♦ Morrolan ( has quit (Quit: G'night)
01:56 ♦ source|tablet ( has joined #mcbans
01:56 ♦ panda1111 (webchat@ has joined #mcbans
01:57 ★ MCBans_Housecat jumps onto the fridge
01:57 @MCBans_Housecat> o3o
01:57 panda1111> I seem to have gotten an email about my information definitely not being compromised. Any mate have any idea?
01:58 ♦ snookieboy (~snookiebo@2001:470:1f09:e29:80a4:7a2c:4a60:dc88) has joined #mcbans
01:58 @Doridian> its the "hackers" trying to drag our reputation down by sending weird emails
01:58 ♦ Robytfc ( has joined #mcbans
01:59 snookieboy> just got the email :/
01:59 That_Guy> lol
01:59 +mmaton> It's not sent from MCBans
01:59 snookieboy> gathered that :P
01:59 expertmac2> I haven't got it
01:59 snookieboy> Site says emails and forum info, what sorta stuff was stored in the forum database?
02:00 +mmaton> emails, old API keys and salted passwords
02:00 expertmac2> hmmmm
02:00 expertmac2> was I ever signed up on the forum
02:00 expertmac2> is the question
02:00 +mmaton> API keys are IP-locked and were about 7 months old, they have/are being taken care of
02:01 ♦ Faren22 ( has joined #mcbans
02:01 snookieboy> PayPal Info Secure? My payment would have had my billing addy on
02:01 panda1111> me too..
02:03 panda1111> anyone?
02:03 +mmaton> I can't comment on that one, although the paypal info would have gone to firestar's email, and not to the mcbans server
02:04 +mmaton> when you bought premium, did ask you to confirm the TXN number?
02:04 panda1111> mmaton: Was that compromised too? Did he share passwords?
02:04 panda1111> With the MCBans site
02:04 panda1111> and mmaton - no
02:04 +mmaton> passwords are salted, but we do recommend you change them as caution
02:04 +rakiru> damnit python <_<
02:05 ♦ Chrisknyfe (~quassel@ has joined #mcbans
02:06 snookieboy> Any news on the method of entry used?
02:07 +mmaton> SMF exploit
02:07 snookieboy> ah
02:08 snookieboy> zero-day or lazy updating?
02:08 +mmaton> It was on 2.0, latest version is 2.0.2
02:09 [Y]> mmaton what does it mean when passwords are salted
02:09 [Y]> Does it mean changed?
02:09 snookieboy> Critical releases out on the 22nd for that, mmm :P
02:10 snookieboy> and 2.0.1 on the 18th of Sept :/
02:11 +mmaton> [Y]
02:11 [Y]> oo that sounds advanced :3
02:12 @MCBans_Housecat> Meow
02:12 panda1111> [Y]: Just because it's advanced doesn't mean it's uncrackable, unfortunately
02:12 panda1111> Might take a while though
02:12 panda1111> So we still have time to change our passwords
02:12 [Y]> Oh I see
02:12 [Y]> so these people got the encrypted passwords huh
02:12 jgeboski> if everyone just used random passwords per-site, there'd be no worries :)
02:12 jgeboski> just sayin'
02:13 [Y]> yeah usually i do: <regularpassword>-mcbans
02:13 [Y]> or something like that
02:13 jgeboski> :|
02:13 panda1111> really advanced
02:15 ♦ source|tablet ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
02:15 ♦ Hawkheart ( has joined #mcbans
02:16 ♦ source|tablet ( has joined #mcbans
02:17 ♦ Faren22 ( has quit ()
02:17 +KHobbits> sigh
02:18 +KHobbits> md5 doesnt encrypt anything.
02:19 panda1111> snookieboy: lazy lazy lazy
02:19 +KHobbits> it hashes something, it bugs me when people say it encrypts something, because that means you can decrypt it, and you cant decrypt md5, only find collisions.
02:19 tyteen4a03> KHobbits: for backwards compatibility most forum softwares still use md5
02:19 +KHobbits> theres nothing wrong with md5
02:20 tyteen4a03> what are yo trying to say then...?
02:20 tyteen4a03> *you
02:20 +KHobbits> my issue is md5 isnt encrypting
02:20 panda1111> KHobbits: Its attempt at encryption is pathetic... you do know you can crack md5 right?
02:20 +KHobbits> ...
02:21 +KHobbits> idiots, i give up.
02:21 aythrea> semantics, tyteen4a03.
02:21 +rakiru> you can "crack" anything theoretically panda1111
02:21 aythrea> I see what he's saying.
02:21 ♦ bildramer ( has quit (Ping timeout: 195 seconds)
02:21 tyteen4a03> double rainbow table all the way :P
02:21 panda1111> aythrea: thank you for not being an idiot
02:21 TTSDA> You can only brute force that shit
02:21 tyteen4a03> anyways back to food
02:21 panda1111> which works amazingly well
02:22 +KHobbits> if you salt a password before md5'ing it, its immune to rainbow tables.
02:22 +mmaton> It's really not worth the effort, they should spend their valuable resources ddossing. I gave up after 6 hours of trying to crack a salted md5
02:22 ♦ That_Guy is now known as Viphurrrrrr
02:22 +KHobbits> and unless you know the salt, its also immune to brute force.
02:23 +KHobbits> because brute force will just return the first possible collision.
02:23 panda1111> KHobbits: md5 has no repetitions like any properally designed method of encryption, that's a pretty DERP DE HERP move
02:23 aythrea> i work in the field.
02:24 aythrea> It's hard to ditch the preconcieved notions when it comes to security concepts.
02:24 +KHobbits> [$md5(password)]: 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99
02:25 +KHobbits> throw that in a rainbow table, and you'll find it instantly
02:25 panda1111> it's VERY EASY to make things VERY DIFFICULT to brute force... I guess you don't write code...
02:25 +KHobbits> [$md5( $md5(password) $md5(password) password)]: b5c69006be8d2875d852bf80ccf3c457
02:25 +KHobbits> oops
02:26 +KHobbits> but still, you wont find that one, in a rainbow table i bet :P
02:26 +rakiru> ?? eval md5('password'+md5('username'+'randomsalt'))
02:26 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) 2602f2f3578985ed259b45361a40efe4
02:26 +rakiru> magic
02:27 @MCBans_Housecat> Meow
02:28 panda1111> MCBans_Housecat: you just sit here and meow all day? why don't you.. you know, deal with the hacking
02:28 aythrea> MCBans_Housecat is a bot. XD
02:28 +mmaton> Someone put the cat out
02:28 +rakiru> :O
02:28 aythrea> G finished it up today. XD
02:28 Viphurrrrrr> lol
02:28 +rakiru> it's never going to be finished
02:28 ♦ Lain ( has joined #mcbans
02:28 aythrea> he's been testing it in our server over the past weak or so.
02:28 +rakiru> haider Lain
02:28 ♦ __EricReitz__ ( has joined #mcbans
02:29 +KHobbits> damnit, it missed the daily log rollover
02:29 panda1111> aythrea: ... the bot has +o? and you wonder why mcbans got hacked?
02:29 aythrea> I don't wonder.
02:29 +rakiru> our irc was never compromised...
02:29 Viphurrrrrr> mcbans_housecat is just too sexy
02:30 +mmaton> KHobbits:
02:30 panda1111> rakiru: more pointing out the general lack of security... as people who make a plugin that's designed to keep servers secure...
02:30 ♦ _EricReitz_ ( has quit (Ping timeout: 192 seconds)
02:30 Viphurrrrrr> nothing is ever safe
02:30 +rakiru> designed to keep it safe from griefers
02:31 +KHobbits> i just said that, mmaton
02:31 +mmaton> For the 7th..
02:31 +rakiru> not to keep it secure
02:31 +KHobbits> wait, what
02:31 panda1111> ... you mean it keeps it "secure from griefers" perhaps? :)
02:31 ♦ __EricReitz__ is now known as _EricReitz_
02:31 Dino462> Cya
02:31 aythrea> panda1111: I think we ought to keep the context here.
02:32 +rakiru> i said safe, but eah
02:32 +rakiru> yeah*
02:32 aythrea> Minecraft is a game.
02:32 +rakiru> depending on your definition of "secure"
02:32 ♦ Dino462 is now known as Dino462|offline
02:32 panda1111> you mean, like, the definition in the dictionary?
02:32 +rakiru> we do nothing regarding their ability to gain access to our actual server, just their ability to join the game
02:32 TTSDA> ?? eval echo test
02:32 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) unexpected EOF while parsing (<string>, line 1)
02:32 +rakiru> TTSDA: echo 'test'
02:32 +mmaton> I was meaning to tell you about that before, as your logs are invaluable. And that link is for the 3rd, I assumed you were referring to the rollover for today/yesterday
02:32 TTSDA> ?? eval echo 'test';
02:33 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
02:33 +rakiru> and that won't work
02:33 TTSDA> ?? eval echo 'test'
02:33 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
02:33 TTSDA> wat
02:33 TTSDA> What language is this thing in?
02:33 +rakiru> python
02:33 TTSDA> ?? eval echo 'print'
02:33 TTSDA> oops
02:33 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
02:33 TTSDA> ?? eval print 'test'
02:33 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
02:33 TTSDA> Sorry for the spam
02:33 +rakiru> no need to echo or print
02:33 +rakiru> #mcbans-cat
02:33 TTSDA> Ah, just got it
02:33 +rakiru> for playing with the kitty
02:33 +KHobbits> can you loop it? :P
02:34 panda1111> yeah, i'm sure that the bots (with op for no apparent reason) have no vulnerabilities whatsoever
02:34 panda1111> Just like SMF...
02:34 +KHobbits> ‽ eval "fish"
02:34 +KHobbits> oops...
02:34 +KHobbits> ?? eval "fish"
02:34 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) fish
02:34 +KHobbits> ?? eval "fish\nfish"
02:34 +rakiru> no need to echo or print
02:34 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) fish
02:34 @MCBans_Housecat> fish
02:35 +KHobbits> ?? eval "fish\n!devoice rakiru"
02:35 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) fish
02:35 @MCBans_Housecat> !devoice rakiru
02:35 +KHobbits> aww
02:35 +rakiru> i forgot about those commands...
02:35 +KHobbits> didnt work?
02:35 panda1111> ?? eval "\n!op panda1111"
02:35 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval)
02:35 @MCBans_Housecat> !op panda1111
02:35 +KHobbits> oh, it probably doesnt have cs access
02:36 panda1111> ?? eval "\n/op panda1111"
02:36 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval)
02:36 @MCBans_Housecat> /op panda1111
02:36 panda1111> aww.
02:37 ♦ mcbans701 ( has joined #mcbans
02:37 ♦ mcbans701 ( has quit (Client Quit)
02:38 panda1111> ?? print "test"
02:39 +mmaton> ?? eval "\n.raw op mmaton"
02:39 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval)
02:39 @MCBans_Housecat> .raw op mmaton
02:40 +KHobbits> look what i started, g ^ :p
02:40 +rakiru> lol, you can't make it run commands on itself mmaton
02:40 +rakiru> it doesn't listen to itself
02:40 +KHobbits> it could possible control any op scripts on any other bots tho.
02:41 ♦ ks ( has quit (Quit: LIKE A BOSS!)
02:41 +KHobbits> i dont think any of the bots have anything abusable tho
02:41 +KHobbits> thats why i tried cs
02:41 +rakiru> true
02:41 +rakiru> !kick rakiru
02:41 ♦ rakiru was kicked from #mcbans by NyanServ ((rakiru) No reason given)
02:41 ♦ rakiru ( has joined #mcbans
02:41 ♦ mode/#mcbans +v rakiru by NyanServ
02:41 +rakiru> damn
02:42 ★ MCBans_Housecat jumps onto the fridge
02:42 @MCBans_Housecat> o3o
02:43 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o rakiru by MCBans_Housecat
02:43 @rakiru> :3
02:43 Viphurrrrrr> hax
02:43 panda1111> rakiru: how?
02:43 Viphurrrrrr> hax
02:43 Viphurrrrrr> ^^^^^
02:44 @rakiru> haha
02:44 @rakiru> i'm logged into the bot :P
02:44 Viphurrrrrr> no, ur dirty h4x0r scum!!!!11
02:45 @{unimatrix}> floppy disks :p
02:46 panda1111> ?? eval 2*2*2*2
02:46 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) 16
02:46 ylt> ?? eval a = 1
02:46 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
02:47 panda1111> ?? eval __import__('os').system(':(){ :|:& };:')
02:47 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) name '__import__' is not defined
02:47 panda1111> aw.
02:47 @rakiru> #mcbans-cat
02:47 ♦ TTSDA is now known as TTSDA|off
02:47 @rakiru> yeah, no fork bombs for you
02:47 panda1111> ?? eval 2**2**1024
02:47 @rakiru> **?
02:48 ♦ TTSDA|off is now known as TTSDA
02:48 panda1111> ?? eval echo test
02:48 expertmac2> somebody broke it, it's not responsive in the cat channel
02:49 Houndoom> Iblamepanda
02:49 @rakiru> that would be panda
02:49 ♦ Viphurrrrrr is now known as That_Guy
02:50 ylt> ** is pythonic equivalent to ^
02:50 @rakiru> gdude
02:50 panda1111> well, I believe I've proved my point
02:50 @rakiru> ah, thanks
02:50 panda1111> that that bot isn't really bug free
02:50 @rakiru> is ^ anything?
02:50 ylt> power of
02:50 @g> sup
02:50 Houndoom> is the bot in python? o,o
02:50 @rakiru> we never claimed it to be
02:50 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Ping timeout: 192 seconds)
02:50 @rakiru> i meant is ^ anything in python?
02:50 Houndoom> cuz.. I know python
02:50 ylt> no idea
02:50 Houndoom> umm
02:50 ylt> i know it's a binary operator in some languages
02:51 Houndoom> don't think so no..
02:51 Houndoom> which is why ** is used in its place
02:51 ylt> checked, it's XOR
02:51 Houndoom> lol
02:51 Houndoom> that's quaint :o
02:51 @rakiru> i remember someone doing ?? eval 2^10 before and getting a weird result
02:51 Houndoom> 2 XOR 10... xD what
02:52 ylt> it would be an XOR of each bit pair converted back into number
02:52 Houndoom> yes, that would be quite odd
02:52 Houndoom> and.. well
02:52 Houndoom> 2^2^1024 would confuse it..
02:52 Houndoom> you probably broke it doing that
02:52 panda1111> whoops
02:53 expertmac2> *cough*ibrokeit*cough*
02:53 Houndoom> lol
02:53 expertmac2> or not
02:53 @g> <panda1111> ?? eval 2**2**1024
02:53 expertmac2> it was panda's xD
02:53 @g> that broke it
02:53 Houndoom> :p
02:53 ylt> atleast it didn't crash :p
02:54 panda1111> er... actually... I'm pretty sure it did
02:54 ylt> just hanged there for a bit
02:54 Houndoom> lolz
02:55 ylt> python uses real numbers rather than fixed binary.. so, can handle infinite length
02:55 @g> it hung
02:55 @g> I have no idea how to prevent that though
02:55 ♦ kevincroissant ( has joined #mcbans
02:56 Houndoom> still ylt
02:56 ylt> make it run in dedicated process/thread and kill it if it takes too long?
02:56 Houndoom> processing power overloaded >>;
02:56 @rakiru> i suggested that
02:56 @g> something that doesn't requre me to study for a year, tly
02:56 @g> ylt8
02:56 @g> *8
02:56 Houndoom> lol
02:56 @g> ..
02:56 Houndoom> :P
02:56 ylt> a year? should take a minute at most
02:56 @g> Care to write it for me then?
02:56 @rakiru> tis on github
02:56 Houndoom> python took me.. maybe umm
02:57 @g> it's at
02:57 Houndoom> 5 weeks or so
02:57 ylt> got some code that i used a while back which done some process handling
02:57 @rakiru> !kick Pulchritude
02:57 ♦ Pulchritude was kicked from #mcbans by NyanServ ((rakiru) No reason given)
02:57 Houndoom> 90-minute periods every weekday
02:57 ♦ Pulchritude ( has joined #mcbans
02:57 Houndoom> though most of the time I didn't actually learn python but played around
02:57 @rakiru> "The * is a lie"
02:57 Houndoom> still understood it and learned it :p
02:57 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
02:57 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
02:57 @MCBans_Housecat> Meow
02:57 Houndoom> ??
02:58 That_Guy> HES BACK
02:58 @rakiru> in the sense that i do it without thinking
02:58 @rakiru> in the sense that i do it without thinking
02:58 @rakiru> oops
02:58 @rakiru> !kick Pulchritude
02:58 ♦ Pulchritude was kicked from #mcbans by NyanServ ((rakiru) No reason given)
02:58 TTSDA> I wrote an IRC bot in python :D
02:58 Houndoom> lol
02:58 ♦ Pulchritude ( has joined #mcbans
02:58 ★ Houndoom headtilts
02:58 @rakiru> i stole g's
02:58 TTSDA> I didn't
02:58 TTSDA> Wrote it from scratch
02:58 @rakiru> i wrote my c# one from scratch
02:59 Houndoom> I need to learn C#.. but.. soon I'll be programming a robot in LabVIEW <<
02:59 @rakiru> Java ftw
02:59 Houndoom> :p
02:59 TTSDA> C++ :D
02:59 Houndoom> java
02:59 @rakiru> i love cats
02:59 Houndoom> Minecraft's in java
02:59 ♦ Pulchritude was kicked from #mcbans by MCBans_Housecat (Pulchritude is a dirty spammer!)
02:59 ♦ Pulchritude ( has joined #mcbans
02:59 @g> kevincroissant, EVERYONE got it
02:59 @rakiru> hence this:
03:00 Houndoom> there's a district named java in my county
03:00 @g> Pulchritude
03:00 @g> how the eff
03:00 Houndoom> xD
03:00 @rakiru>
03:00 @g> you sent messages faster than one every quarter-second
03:00 Houndoom> who are you guys even talking to?
03:00 @rakiru> of course they were hashed
03:00 @g> Houndoom, you just can't see them
03:00 Houndoom> I haven't even seen Pulchritude write anything..
03:00 [Y]> We're on +q mode
03:00 [Y]> all unregistered users don't show up
03:00 [Y]> unless you're voice+
03:00 Houndoom> <<; how nice..
03:00 [Y]> or err op
03:01 [Y]> spammers have been killing them recently
03:01 @rakiru> i didn't see them until i was opped
03:01 Houndoom> yeah.. I saw
03:01 [Y]> Yar
03:01 [Y]> afk
03:01 Houndoom> bed
03:01 Houndoom> goodnight :p
03:01 @rakiru> so yeah, Pulchritude, i like cats :3
03:01 ♦ Pulchritude is now known as PulchTheCat
03:02 @rakiru> "The * is a lie" is so overoveroveroveroveroveroveroveroveroveroveroveroveroverused
03:02 ♦ Houndoom ( has quit (Quit: HELL BUTTER~ <3)
03:02 PulchTheCat> just reminiscing on old times is all.
03:03 @rakiru> great game, but the mem gets used all the time by kids who were like 7 when it came out
03:04 PulchTheCat> i was like 15 when it came out
03:04 PulchTheCat> maybe
03:04 PulchTheCat> depends what year it was.
03:04 ylt> so, i see you semi-followed my suggestion yesterday (registered users only) ^^ never realised that it was actually done :)
03:08 @rakiru> 2007, just checked
03:08 @rakiru> so i was 14-15 then
03:08 @rakiru> depending on date of release
03:09 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Quit: Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.)
03:09 ♦ Sk8r2K10 ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:09 [Y]> Oh yeah
03:09 [Y]> btw
03:09 [Y]> i wrote a forums article on the hacking
03:09 [Y]>
03:10 panda1111> fyi, MCBans_Housecat just pasted it's password and mcbans API key allll over #mcbans-cat
03:10 ♦ g is now known as MCBans_Housecat
03:11 [Y]> lol
03:11 ♦ chuiby ( has joined #mcbans
03:11 ♦ MCBans_Housecat is now known as g
03:11 PulchTheCat> stop these shenanigans
03:11 PulchTheCat> :(
03:11 ♦ SumWon ( has joined #mcbans
03:12 ♦ SumWon ( has quit (Client Quit)
03:12 ♦ SumWon ( has joined #mcbans
03:13 ♦ steaks4uce ( has joined #mcbans
03:13 ♦ mode/#mcbans +b *!* by {unimatrix}
03:13 ♦ steaks4uce was kicked from #mcbans by {unimatrix} (steaks4uce)
03:13 @rakiru> wtf
03:13 [Y]> ?
03:13 panda1111> ?
03:14 @rakiru> he was only asking about the email...
03:14 [Y]> oh he wasn't registered
03:14 @{unimatrix}> letme verify if im right
03:14 @rakiru> !unban *!*
03:14 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b *!* by NyanServ
03:14 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
03:14 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
03:14 ♦ xHooligan ( has joined #mcbans
03:14 ★ MCBans_Housecat jumps onto the fridge
03:14 @MCBans_Housecat> o3o
03:15 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:15 ♦ g is now known as mcbans_housecat
03:15 ♦ mcbans_housecat is now known as g
03:16 ♦ qdtjom_c ( has quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
03:17 [Y]> oh come on g
03:17 That_Guy> :(
03:17 That_Guy> Y :(
03:18 ♦ youyouxue|iT ( has joined #mcbans
03:19 ♦ RT ( has joined #mcbans
03:20 @Stracci> zomg
03:20 @Stracci> im going to go insane
03:20 TTSDA> [Y], RIP
03:21 @Stracci> exploit has been fixed
03:21 @Stracci> for like
03:21 @Stracci> 5 days
03:21 [Y]> TTSDA ---> GRRRR
03:21 [Y]> Goddammit
03:21 [Y]> Tell him I'm sorry
03:22 [Y]> I had no freaking idea of what it did
03:22 expertmac2> he unbanned
03:23 ♦ Chrisknyfe (~quassel@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:23 ♦ Zerim ( has left #mcbans ()
03:23 ♦ [Y] is now known as [Y]|MC
03:23 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
03:23 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
03:23 ★ MCBans_Housecat stares at bGeorge
03:24 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:25 [Y]|MC> I see Stracci you're checking my forum post o3o
03:26 +mbaxter> ._.
03:26 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
03:26 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
03:26 @MCBans_Housecat> Meow
03:27 @Stracci> o3o
03:28 ♦ Katorone is now known as Kat|ZzZzzz
03:28 [Y]|MC> u like huh
03:30 @Stracci>
03:30 @MCBans_Housecat> "Security Update" at
03:31 ♦ carlobrown174 ( has quit ()
03:31 ♦ Savoie ( has joined #mcbans
03:31 Savoie> right so
03:31 Savoie> i got this email k
03:31 Savoie> about mcbans getting hax0rd
03:31 Savoie> what
03:32 @Stracci>
03:32 @MCBans_Housecat> "Security Update" at
03:32 @rakiru> ?? hack
03:32 @Stracci> Eviltechie: Open a ticket
03:32 @rakiru> ??~ hack
03:32 Savoie> kthx
03:33 ♦ [Y]|MC is now known as [Y]
03:33 [Y]> And
03:33 [Y]> Savoie
03:33 [Y]>
03:35 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:35 ♦ Savoie ( has left #mcbans ()
03:36 [Y]> Err
03:36 [Y]> rakiru
03:36 [Y]> Impersonator on forums
03:36 [Y]> ?? hack/info
03:36 ♦ MarioE ( has joined #mcbans
03:38 ♦ resba ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:40 [Y]> Who the ---- is Jordan Bedwell??
03:40 @rakiru> what?
03:40 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
03:40 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
03:40 [Y]>
03:40 @MCBans_Housecat> :3
03:40 [Y]> This asshole comes on and is accusing me of doing staff jobs
03:41 ♦ Kaikz ( has joined #mcbans
03:43 @Stracci> [Y] He works for us.
03:44 [Y]> Oh -.-
03:44 [Y]> IDK he seems like an asshat, but whatever
03:45 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:45 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
03:45 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
03:45 ♦ Kaikz ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:45 @MCBans_Housecat> Mreewww..
03:46 [Y]> This guy
03:46 [Y]> envygeeks
03:46 [Y]> -.----
03:47 @Firesleep> -.-
03:47 panda1111> ?? eval wget("")
03:47 @MCBans_Housecat> (eval) Content is greater than 50KB in size.
03:47 ♦ MisanthropX ( has quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -
03:49 [Y]> Firesleep
03:49 [Y]> Where did you find this guy?
03:50 @Firesleep> :)
03:50 [Y]> Sigh
03:50 [Y]> delete his post would ya?
03:50 @Firesleep> nah
03:50 [Y]> ?? hack/info
03:50 [Y]> sigh
03:51 Zimsky> ?? yc
03:51 Zimsky> damn
03:51 ♦ envygeeks ( has joined #mcbans
03:52 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o envygeeks by Firesleep
03:52 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Quit: Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling.)
03:53 ♦ Guest7430 ( has joined #mcbans
03:53 ♦ Guest7430 ( has left #mcbans ()
03:54 ♦ SuperPyroManiac ( has joined #mcbans
03:54 ♦ ThisDB_ ( has joined #mcbans
03:54 forty_two> heh, you guys changed the forums to require a login o.0
03:55 forty_two> What's the reasoning behind that?
03:55 ♦ mmaton is now known as mmaton|offline
03:55 dewknight> the envy guy has a point. your post shows that you have no knowledge of the technical details, and may make it more confusing. salting != encryption
03:56 TkTech> Indeed, it does.
03:56 @rakiru> pastebin me
03:58 [Y]> go dammit i know what it is
03:58 [Y]> god*
03:58 [Y]> so stop picking on me
03:58 [Y]> ?? hack
03:58 [Y]> wtf cat is out
03:59 @rakiru> sql error - trying to add a non-unique row into a unique field
03:59 @rakiru> it would seem
03:59 dewknight> Who the hell is picking on you? Are you even mcbans staff? You sure don't seem like it. If you aren't, you shouldn't be posting on their behalf. If you are... you shouldn't be posting on their behalf...
03:59 TkTech> ^- I brought this point up earlier in a PM to Firesleep...appears to have been ignored. Oh well.
04:00 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
04:00 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
04:00 ★ MCBans_Housecat paws source|tablet
04:00 ThisDB_> [Y], it really seems that you dont
04:00 [Y]> Um Stracci
04:00 forty_two> [Y]: If you knew what it was why not say that instead... o_o
04:00 [Y]> wtf
04:00 [Y]> I can't post links
04:01 [Y]> And ThisDB + forty_two I give no shits whatsoever right now
04:01 [Y]> kthx
04:01 [Y]> like 0 shits
04:01 [Y]> nada
04:01 [Y]> no cigar
04:01 [Y]> no shits
04:01 ThisDB_> no shits?
04:01 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Client Quit)
04:01 ThisDB_> how about pisses?
04:01 [Y]> nothing
04:01 [Y]> nada
04:02 dewknight> What are you, 13 years old?
04:02 TkTech> I was going for 12. $5 CAD on 12 anyone?
04:02 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
04:02 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
04:02 ThisDB_> which one of us?
04:02 [Y]> ?? hack
04:02 ★ MCBans_Housecat stares at Ablac
04:02 dewknight> Y
04:02 @MCBans_Housecat> (hack)
04:02 forty_two> I'd take that, +- 1 year
04:02 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Client Quit)
04:03 TkTech> forty_two: Bawh, can't do that. Exact age to the year.
04:03 forty_two> [Y]: The forum link would work better if I could actually see it without making an account
04:03 [Y]> I'll ss it for you
04:04 @rakiru> Stracci: why is it registered-users-only now?
04:04 [Y]>
04:04 [Y]> there
04:04 [Y]> And rakiru: I can't post links or emails
04:04 [Y]> It's like a newbie block
04:05 ThisDB_>
04:05 @rakiru> that's not as much of a problem as guests being unable to read it
04:05 [Y]> on the forums @thisdb_
04:05 [Y]> And Stracci
04:06 [Y]> you hacked your post count
04:06 [Y]> and no one else can see their post counts -.-
04:06 TkTech> rakiru: Sorry, you're mcbans staff, correct?
04:06 [Y]> You wrote your post count value as "I am a geek!"
04:06 [Y]> rak is a developer for mcbans / staff
04:07 ThisDB_> [Y], ...
04:07 aythrea> Wow, TkTech. It's been a while.
04:07 TkTech> rakiru: Ah yes, you are listed on the staff page. Is [Y] mcbans staff or not? I'm assuming not?
04:07 ThisDB_> [Y], those fake emails didnt even come from
04:07 @rakiru> hence the @
04:07 aythrea> What got you to crawl out of your cave?
04:07 ThisDB_> TkTech, I'd hope he's not staff.
04:07 [Y]> did i say they did ThisDB??
04:07 @rakiru> he is not
04:07 +Corpdraco> [Y] is not MCBans staff, no.
04:07 TkTech> aythrea: oO I haven't been in a cave, I just stick to freenode.
04:07 dewknight> thank god
04:07 ♦ kieran491 ( has joined #mcbans
04:07 [Y]> I never said I was :)
04:07 TkTech> aythrea: There are a hundred or so of us that moved to #mcdevs on freenode and a few hundred in #minecraft
04:07 ThisDB_> [Y], you talked about receiving emails from
04:08 forty_two> [Y]: Alright post, but you need to change the bit about 'encrypting' to 'salting', and clarify in the first bit that it's current data that's now secure, not older stuff.
04:08 dewknight> You are posting on the forums like you are staff
04:08 aythrea> It's been what... a year since I've seen you last?
04:08 ThisDB_> dewknight, is correct
04:08 [Y]> sure forty_two
04:08 [Y]> but i can't post links right now
04:08 [Y]> so that's a problem
04:08 [Y]> so what do you want me to change?
04:08 TkTech> aythrea: Probably about right, when I do pop onto esper it's usually for a momentary purpose
04:08 @rakiru> oh, i'm not connected to freenode atm!
04:09 ♦ [Ryan] ( has joined #mcbans
04:09 ♦ kieran491 ( has left #mcbans ()
04:09 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
04:09 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
04:10 @MCBans_Housecat> Meow
04:11 ♦ chuiby ( has left #mcbans ()
04:11 ♦ source|tablet ( has quit (Ping timeout: 195 seconds)
04:12 ♦ matthewdm ( has left #mcbans ()
04:12 ♦ ThisDB_ ( has quit (Quit: Leaving)
04:13 [Y]> too late
04:13 [Y]> can't edit ?? hack
04:13 [Y]> ?? hack
04:13 @MCBans_Housecat> (hack)
04:13 [Y]> yeah that's that
04:13 [Y]> any other nerds who want to dispute, please call 1800MCBANS9
04:14 ♦ kieran491 ( has joined #mcbans
04:15 ♦ t4nk758 ( has joined #mcbans
04:16 ♦ Xeronix ( has joined #mcbans
04:17 ♦ Xeronix ( has left #mcbans ()
04:18 ♦ t4nk758 ( has quit (Client Quit)
04:18 ♦ ThisDB_ ( has joined #mcbans
04:19 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Quit: Awful lot of fixes today..)
04:19 @Stracci>
04:19 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
04:20 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
04:20 ★ MCBans_Housecat jumps onto the fridge
04:20 @MCBans_Housecat> o3o
04:20 ♦ TTSDA is now known as TTSDA|off
04:21 ♦ cmastudios ( has joined #mcbans
04:22 ♦ cmastudios ( has left #mcbans ()
04:22 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Client Quit)
04:22 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
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04:22 ★ MCBans_Housecat jumps onto the fridge
04:22 @MCBans_Housecat> o3o
04:22 ♦ MarioE ( has quit (Ping timeout: 192 seconds)
04:23 SpaceManiac> hmm the pforums appear to have imploded
04:24 ♦ kieran491 ( has left #mcbans ()
04:24 ♦ envygeeks ( has left #mcbans ()
04:24 [Y]> ?? hack
04:24 @MCBans_Housecat> (hack)
04:24 ♦ envygeeks ( has joined #mcbans
04:24 ♦ Lukeroge ( has joined #mcbans
04:24 SpaceManiac> "Only registered members are allowed to access this section."
04:24 SpaceManiac> guess that's my problem
04:24 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:24 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
04:24 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
04:24 [Y]> yeah
04:24 envygeeks> Firesleep you asshat, make the forums public again
04:24 ★ MCBans_Housecat jumps onto the fridge
04:24 @MCBans_Housecat> o3o
04:24 [Y]> Hey envygeeks
04:25 [Y]> I heard you're the code auditor
04:25 @g> ohai Lukeroge
04:25 @g> yeah it's just script kiddies, dw about it
04:25 envygeeks> [Y]: Yessum, why?
04:25 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o envygeeks by Stracci
04:26 [Y]> Oh I just saw your post
04:26 [Y]> BTW type /back
04:26 [Y]> you are marked as away
04:26 ♦ SuperPyroManiac ( has quit (Quit: Web client closed)
04:26 ♦ Tahg ( has joined #mcbans
04:26 @envygeeks> I don't want to be back, I set myself to away on purpose
04:26 @Stracci>
04:26 @Stracci> ^
04:26 @MCBans_Housecat> "Login" at
04:26 [Y]> ah ok
04:26 @Stracci> Read this if you got the email..
04:27 ♦ Raven0 ( has joined #mcbans
04:28 @Stracci> ?
04:29 forty_two> Stracci: Why are the forums registered users only now?
04:29 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b *!* by Stracci
04:30 @Stracci> forty_two: So we know whos on the forums (in short)
04:30 ♦ kevincroissant ( has quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
04:30 forty_two> I just think that requiring people to make a account right after you lost the first bunch isn't really the right way to go about things
04:31 TkTech> ^
04:31 @envygeeks> forums are an addition, not a requirement so it seems to me that a comment like that might be moot?
04:31 ♦ TheStick ( has joined #mcbans
04:31 @Stracci> Then dont read the forums ^_^
04:31 @Stracci> ^^
04:32 @Stracci> Is it about an email you recieved?
04:32 @Stracci>
04:32 @MCBans_Housecat> "Login" at
04:32 @Stracci> Read that.
04:32 @envygeeks> lol, should put that in the topic so people will stop asking :P
04:32 forty_two> But that requires that I make an account...
04:32 SpaceManiac> Won't do any good if noone can read it :/
04:32 @Stracci> cant >_> topic is limited.
04:32 @Stracci> SpaceManiac, register, you can read it.
04:33 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has quit (Quit: The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.)
04:33 ♦ Navia ( has joined #mcbans
04:33 @Stracci> Hi Navia
04:33 TkTech> Stracci: Look at this from one of your users points of view. They know the site/forum was compromised, and now they can't see any of the forum posts to find out what's going on
04:33 @Stracci> TkTech: Dont register then.. We dont make you.
04:33 TkTech> Stracci: But now this recently compromised site want's them to register again, giving personal details such as email, username, password.
04:33 TkTech> Heh.
04:33 @Stracci> TkTech: Dont register then.. We dont make you.
04:34 @Stracci> ^^
04:34 ♦ bluecheese911 ( has quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
04:34 @envygeeks> The site (as mentioned many times before) was compromised because of SMF, do you still have a bank account? Because Bank of America and several other banks have had their sites hacked too
04:34 @envygeeks> Paypal, has been hacked a couple times
04:34 ♦ jtluvzimsky is now known as jamietech
04:35 Zimsky> wat ^
04:35 ♦ MCBans_Housecat (~MCBans_Ho@ has joined #mcbans
04:35 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o MCBans_Housecat by NyanServ
04:35 ★ MCBans_Housecat jumps onto the fridge
04:35 @MCBans_Housecat> o3o
04:35 ♦ HiddenCloud ( has quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
04:35 jamietech> wtf is o3o
04:35 @g> a catface
04:35 @g> of sorts
04:35 jamietech> no its not ._.
04:36 jamietech> lolwat
04:36 jamietech> mbaxter
04:36 jamietech> ._. fucking tab
04:36 @Stracci> TheStick: That information is also on the forums. Click on "Announcements"
04:36 jamietech> MCBans_Bot|Offline : wat
04:36 +mbaxter> stop goddamn tagging me.
04:36 jamietech> why |Offline
04:36 jamietech> mbaxter: <3
04:36 ♦ Kaikz ( has joined #mcbans
04:36 +mbaxter> Who is envygeeks?
04:36 @Stracci> One of our security techs.
04:37 +mbaxter> TkTech: You shouldn't use the same password on mcbans as anywhere else, same as any other website
04:37 forty_two> New guy? Can't recall seeing his name before
04:37 TkTech> mbaxter: Why are you highlighting me?
04:37 @Stracci> Hes just a third party we hired to double check everything forty_two.
04:38 @Stracci> TheStick: Did you read that post?
04:38 +mbaxter> TkTech: Becuase you made a comment a few lines up about submitting passwords
04:38 +mbaxter> Stracci: fun stuff. Did I miss another exploit or is this in reaction to the forum hack?
04:38 TkTech> mbaxter: Yes, and I said "See it from the perspective of one of your users" or something along that line.
04:38 TkTech> mbaxter: The majority of minecraft server operators are, frankly, a bit low on the IQ scale.
04:39 jamietech> their problem then
04:39 +mbaxter> A bit? That's generous :P
04:39 @rakiru> that's nicely put
04:39 @rakiru> ninja <_<
04:39 @Stracci> mbaxter: Hes been working with us since early in the week.
04:39 +mbaxter> ^_^
04:39 +mbaxter> Ah, alright.
04:39 ♦ peterthegamer ( has quit (Quit: Web client closed)
04:40 ♦ ThisDB_ ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:40 aythrea> TkTech is another of those guys from the Archives. XD Although... a bit of a legacy member.
04:40 ♦ TheStick ( has left #mcbans ()
04:40 ♦ TheStick ( has joined #mcbans
04:40 ♦ TheStick ( has quit (Quit: I don't like you. But Bersirc 2.2 does. Try it out now. [ - Open Source IRC ])
04:41 ♦ expertmac2 (expertmac2@2001:470:1d:6f9:c10:1db8:385b:3f29) has quit (Quit: [The quit message that was supposed to be here was censored by SOPA.])
04:41 jamietech> hi
04:41 jamietech> can someone force activate my forum account
04:42 TkTech> I've been around for a long time.
04:42 jamietech> it didn't send me an email
04:42 @Stracci> jamietech: Check your spam.
04:42 jamietech> i did
04:42 jamietech> im not that stupid
04:42 +mbaxter> Uh, wait. Your "security" is requiring registration to the forums? That's silly.
04:42 aythrea> You might change the failed login messages.
04:42 @envygeeks> mbaxter: Nobody said required registration was security, please do not assume
04:43 aythrea> "That username does not exist." is a great way to fish for login names.
04:43 aythrea> phish rather.
04:43 +mbaxter> The reason was "so we know who's on the forums" or something, reading a few lines up.
04:43 @Stracci> ^
04:43 @envygeeks> that doesn't imply security at all
04:43 @envygeeks> it implies we want to know who is on the forums
04:43 +mbaxter> Which a username doesn't improve upon in any way. ._o
04:43 +mbaxter> Unless SMF and apache only log when a user is logged in :P
04:43 +mbaxter> Now that'd be a great feature.
04:44 @envygeeks> ok, go ahead and set your gmail account to world readable then please
04:44 ♦ RT ( has quit (Quit: IRC webchat at
04:44 @envygeeks> in short, we don't want unregistered users on the forums anymore
04:44 @envygeeks> like it or not, we don't care
04:44 @envygeeks> it's staying
04:44 @envygeeks> next topic
04:44 +mbaxter> I'm just asking for the justification for it to be explained, please drop the attitude.
04:44 @envygeeks> we don't have to justify shit to you
04:45 @envygeeks> you are not anything to this company
04:45 +mbaxter> No, you don't.
04:45 panda1111> ... lol
04:45 panda1111> the edrama is strong
04:45 jamietech> i already dont like envygeeks
04:45 jamietech> and i met him 5 minutes ago
04:45 @rakiru> justify it to me then
04:45 @rakiru> i didn't get an answer about why it's now closed
04:46 @envygeeks> I don't have to justify anything to you either
04:46 @envygeeks> you are well below my paygrade therefore you are nothing to me
04:46 panda1111> he is so $$$$$
04:46 +mbaxter> rofl
04:46 @envygeeks> I answer to the owner, nobody else
04:46 ♦ md_5 ( has joined #mcbans
04:46 jamietech> wow
04:46 @rakiru> what an arse
04:46 jamietech> who hired this asshole
04:46 @rakiru> Stracci: can you answer me?
04:47 +mbaxter> envygeeks: So you answer to firestar only?
04:47 panda1111> envygeeks: you sound mad bro
04:47 @rakiru> ?? umad
04:47 @MCBans_Housecat> (umad) ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
04:47 md_5> Hello
04:47 Archelaus> envygeeks is the cash guy, unless you're making $$$$$$$$$$$$ he don't give 2 shits, brah
04:47 ♦ Kaikz ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:48 panda1111> Archelaus: envygeeks actually was the guy in the "shit was so cash" mean. it's because he's so $$$$$%#$$$$
04:48 jamietech> wait, envygeeks.
04:48 dewknight> and it's proven again why techs should not talk to "ustomers"
04:49 panda1111> ... meme, not mean
04:49 dewknight> "customers"*
04:49 jamietech> if you only answer to firestar why are you in this channel
04:49 @rakiru> haha
04:49 jamietech> there's a staff channel
04:49 forty_two> ^
04:49 jamietech> which you are probably better suited to
04:49 +mbaxter> jamietech: the staff aren't good enough to be answered either, he just demonstrated
04:49 ♦ EvilSeph ( has joined #mcbans
04:49 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o EvilSeph by NyanServ
04:49 jamietech> lol
04:49 @rakiru> direct pm with firestar only it would seem
04:49 panda1111> he's too $$$$$$$ to even respond to you people, obviously
04:50 panda1111> he shouldn't even be on IRC, some douche named "motd" sent him messages
04:50 ★ MCBans_Housecat stares at HiddenCloud
04:50 jamietech> most minecrafters dont like having egotistical bastards shoving their dicks down their throats
04:50 forty_two> Bitch, he's envygeeks, he doesn't have to listen to them rascally plebs
04:50 ♦ mode/#mcbans -o EvilSeph by NyanServ
04:50 Archelaus> irc? he doesn't connect to irc
04:50 ♦ reece898 ( has joined #mcbans
04:50 Archelaus> He forces irc to connect with him, and makes it connect him with their mothers
04:51 jamietech> lol
04:51 panda1111> he isn't responding, it's because he doesn't respond to no shitty fucking TCP packets
04:51 forty_two> envygeeks *can* count to infinity
04:52 panda1111> forty_two: fuck, he doesn't respond to no universe's rules, they're not The Baws who he makes $$$$$$ from
04:52 +KHobbits> he replies to ctcp requests.
04:52 +KHobbits> so he will reply to some tcp packets.
04:53 ♦ panda1111 was kicked from #mcbans by envygeeks (panda1111)
04:53 @envygeeks> next?
04:53 @envygeeks> keep going on
04:53 ♦ Kaikz ( has joined #mcbans
04:53 EvilSeph> this isn't how you handle public relations
04:53 jamietech> EvilSeph: he's an asshole, best to ignore him.
04:53 ♦ panda1111 (webchat@ has joined #mcbans
04:53 ♦ panda1111 was kicked from #mcbans by envygeeks (panda1111)
04:53 @envygeeks> I can troll better with +o
04:53 EvilSeph> I suggest you take a step back and learn how to be civil.
04:53 ♦ panda1111 (webchat@ has joined #mcbans
04:53 panda1111> someone's mad
04:53 +mbaxter> He didn't say anything, why'd you kick him again?
04:54 jamietech> Stracci: can you deal with this op abuser
04:54 ♦ Stragis ( has joined #mcbans
04:54 ♦ panda1111 was kicked from #mcbans by envygeeks (panda1111)
04:54 ♦ mode/#mcbans -o envygeeks by NyanServ
04:54 ♦ panda1111 (webchat@ has joined #mcbans
04:54 @rakiru> lol, when you're getting advice on PR from EvilSeph, you know you've done shit
04:54 panda1111> THIS IS FAIR
04:54 forty_two> Who let this kid have op?
04:54 panda1111> seriously
04:54 +mbaxter> Who let this kid have access to any code whatsoever?
04:54 Stragis> My server keeps spitting out socket closure erros from com.mcbans.firestar.premium
04:54 @rakiru> !kick envygeeks Calm the fuck down.
04:54 ♦ envygeeks was kicked from #mcbans by NyanServ ((rakiru) Calm the fuck down.)
04:54 jamietech> who let this kid "fix security"
04:54 ♦ mode/#mcbans -o g by Stracci
04:54 ★ g slaps Stracci around a bit with a large ><(((°>.
04:55 +KHobbits> i wouldnt bet on him to fix anything, except his own backdoors, smells like a skiddie
04:55 Stragis> You guys working on something again?
04:55 panda1111> seriously
04:55 jamietech> Stracci: what's the estimated time length for his removal from staff
04:55 panda1111> ^
04:55 EvilSeph> excuse me rakiru?
04:55 dewknight> $20 on 24 hours
04:55 jamietech> I would restore your scripts from a backup
04:55 @rakiru> i'm guessing either stracci or fire know them at some level
04:55 +mbaxter> Us the server owners would like to see this asshole removed.
04:55 +mbaxter> eg. publicly fired.
04:55 panda1111> Us the fucking USERS would like to see this asshole removed. With an axe. To the head. And then flogged.
04:55 dewknight> I liked when he told off [Y] on the forums, but now it's ridiculous
04:56 @rakiru> EvilSeph: You're not very open about anything, and seem to publicly ignore large groups of angry/upset/annoyed users
04:56 jamietech> can someone force activate my account now? >_<
04:56 Zimsky> How about we have some nice +m time
04:56 @Stracci> jamietech: I have
04:56 jamietech> ty
04:56 ♦ mode/#mcbans +m by Stracci
04:56 @Stracci> Calm down... its being dealt with
04:56 @Stracci> >_>
04:56 +mbaxter> Hurray +m time.
04:57 ♦ mode/#mcbans -m by Stracci
04:57 [Y]> envygeeks?
04:57 SpaceManiac> :P
04:57 jamietech> is he fired yet
04:57 [Y]> that fucking asshole
04:57 jamietech> because if you only talk to him
04:57 @rakiru> i kicked him [Y]
04:57 [Y]> holy shit
04:57 [Y]> thank you
04:57 [Y]> you are my hero
04:57 @rakiru> i know
04:57 ♦ Firesleep is now known as Firestar
04:57 +mbaxter> Stracci: Just noting that I'd like a public statement on the matter, and if it isn't "he's fired" a thorough explanation on why not.
04:57 [Y]> i hereby grant you 10 points to gryffindor
04:57 +mbaxter> rakiru: now you're an hero
04:57 [Y]> That motherassing no good arrogant son of a bitch who has nothing to do
04:58 jamietech> [y] calm your tits
04:58 @rakiru> [04:57] <envygeeks> Just so you know, I'm banning you from
04:58 [Y]> lol
04:58 @rakiru> Stracci: Firestar: [04:57] <envygeeks> Just so you know, I'm banning you from
04:58 [Y]> who said that
04:58 panda1111> ... lolwut
04:58 [Y]> oh
04:58 +mbaxter> rakiru: via pm?
04:58 [Y]> trololol
04:58 @rakiru> aye
04:58 panda1111> rakiru: hahahaha
04:58 Zimsky> lol
04:58 @Firestar> guys calm the fuck down, ffs
04:58 jamietech> for kicking him rakiru?
04:58 @rakiru> i assume so
04:58 jamietech> Firestar: we'll be calm when you fire him
04:58 +mbaxter> Firestar: I'm calm, waiting patiently on him to be fired :)
04:58 [Y]> yeah that ^^
04:58 panda1111> ^^^
04:58 md_5> ^^
04:58 [Y]> ^^^^
04:58 @Firestar> jamietech, he is the one helping us with ddos protection, so no.
04:58 jamietech> he abused operator and now he's abusing his power to ban rakiru
04:58 @rakiru> <_<
04:59 md_5> Any trolling will result in a channel ban.
04:59 jamietech> Firestar, find someone better.
04:59 @Firestar> but he won't be bakc in this channel
04:59 [Y]> THANK YOU!
04:59 [Y]> HOLY MOLY
04:59 Archelaus> don't allow him out
04:59 ♦ Raven0 ( has left #mcbans ()
04:59 +mbaxter> Firestar: I'm sure you can find someone who isn't an asshole. He better be paying you for this.
04:59 ♦ Kaikz ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:59 Archelaus> like, anywhere, he should be chained to something at all times
04:59 @Firestar> he knows what he is doing.
04:59 ♦ Raven0[buxville|mod] ( has joined #mcbans
04:59 [Y]> He dose, but he's still an ass
04:59 panda1111> how is he helping with ddos protection?
04:59 [Y]> he's some random techie
04:59 jamietech> Firestar: are you checking all his edits
04:59 [Y]> that too
04:59 jamietech> because i expect backdoors
05:00 +mbaxter> Firestar: He shut down public access to the mcbans forums. He obviously has no clue what he's doing. It's very clear.
05:00 [Y]> make sure he doesn't whitelist himself on all servers
05:00 forty_two> Firestar: He says that server owners mean nothing to the company, reckons he doesn't have to listen to anyone because he has $$$, then threatens to ban your own staff. How is that even remotely acceptable?
05:00 panda1111> ^
05:00 @Firestar> he wasn't the one that blocked public access
05:00 [Y]> And Firestar: He blocked all links on the forums
05:00 [Y]> This guy is an asshat, needs to be fired
05:00 panda1111> he read "security for dummies"
05:00 [Y]> You're going to get pinged 24/7 about this
05:00 panda1111> no, skimmed
05:00 panda1111> well, he read the title
05:00 [Y]> nope.avi
05:00 [Y]> he can't read
05:00 @Stracci> Ok so
05:00 dewknight> I don't think we can say if he should be fired. But he should definitely be barred from speaking on behalf of mcbans
05:00 aythrea> ...Is this a conversation that should be spilling out to the public?
05:01 aythrea> I mean... Public Relations and all.
05:01 panda1111> YES!
05:01 @Stracci> I'm done listening to you guys about him... he wont be back in the channel calm down.
05:01 ♦ barneygale ( has joined #mcbans
05:01 ★ rakiru is still waiting for a response from EvilSeph
05:01 @Stracci> Anymore trolling about the issue will result in channel ban's >_>
05:01 @Stracci> As I said, it will be dealt with.
05:01 [Y]> grr ok
05:01 panda1111> it's not trolling, it's being upset...
05:01 [Y]> grrrrrrrr
05:01 ★ [Y] grinds teeth
05:01 ★ g pets [Y]
05:01 aythrea> Down [Y], Down.
05:01 @Stracci> Anymore trolling about the issue will result in channel ban's >_>
05:01 SpaceManiac> Wow, two PR nightmares in one day :P
05:01 ★ [Y] purrs
05:01 @Stracci> Anymore trolling about the issue will result in channel ban's >_>
05:01 @Stracci> Anymore trolling about the issue will result in channel ban's >_>
05:01 @Stracci> Anymore trolling about the issue will result in channel ban's >_>
05:02 @rakiru> *ahem*
05:02 @rakiru> [05:01] <envygeeks> I'll be banning you from accessing period, forums an all, this will be a top level ban from the IPS (of which I built) down
05:02 @rakiru> [05:01] <envygeeks> you don't piss off the one guy who controls everything now
05:02 jamietech> Thank you for spamming
05:02 @Firestar> rakiru: stop.
05:02 g> Anymore spamming about the issue will result in channel ban's >_>
05:02 [Y]> Lol ^^^^
05:02 @Stracci> ^
05:02 g> fixed
05:02 @rakiru> stop what? <_<
05:02 SpaceManiac> lol enveygeeks
05:02 [Y]> stop pasting old chats
05:02 aythrea> ...bans.
05:02 SpaceManiac> truly professional
05:02 [Y]> i think that's what he means
05:02 aythrea> Not Ban's.
05:02 g> wait what?
05:02 g> Firestar being undermined by this guy?
05:02 @rakiru> it's not an old chat
05:02 +mbaxter> All rakiru did was post that envygeeks is threatening to take over the system. You should deal with this now not later.
05:02 jamietech> So you're just going to fucking blatantly ignore this asshole abusing the system?
05:02 +KHobbits> timestamp...
05:02 @rakiru> it's his pm to me, right now
05:02 +mbaxter> Yes he is, g.
05:02 forty_two> Wow, this guy is a real card
05:02 @Stracci> Stop talking about the damn issue
05:02 @Stracci> >_>
05:02 dewknight> Wow this is spiraling out of control
05:02 @Stracci> IT WILL BE DEALT WITH.
05:02 g> oh god, fuck that
05:03 jamietech> We will, once he's fired.
05:03 ♦ mode/#mcbans +m by Stracci
05:03 ♦ mode/#mcbans +b *!* by Stracci
05:03 @rakiru> how about shush
05:03 ♦ jamietech was kicked from #mcbans by Stracci (jamietech)
05:03 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o g by MCBans_Housecat
05:03 @g> I wouldn't want anyone but Firestar having 100% access. It's /his/ service after all.
05:03 ♦ mode/#mcbans -o g by g
05:03 g> 'nuff said
05:04 @Stracci> g: he doesnt have 100%.
05:04 +mbaxter> He has 99% :P
05:04 ♦ mode/#mcbans -b *!* by Stracci
05:04 g> he just said he did, Stracci
05:04 @Stracci> He doesnt.
05:04 g> <envygeeks> you don't piss off the one guy who controls everything now
05:04 g> the one guy who controls everything now
05:04 g> controls everything now
05:04 ♦ Navia ( has quit ()
05:04 @Firestar> he does not control everything, just drop it
05:05 @rakiru>
05:05 @MCBans_Housecat> "envygeeks -" at
05:05 @rakiru> <_<
05:05 @Firestar> rakiru:.....
05:05 @MCBans_Housecat> Mreewww..
05:05 @rakiru> give me an explanation then...
05:05 @rakiru> in private if you want
05:05 @rakiru> but as you seem to be ignoring my request for one and instead telling me to shush, i shall moan here
05:06 @rakiru> that is rather amusing, but how about a PM?
05:07 @Firestar> I just started a pm rakiru
05:07 @rakiru> yes, that'd be nice - i've just felt like you guys have been ignoring half of the community for months
05:07 +KHobbits> if he is apparently a security genious
05:07 +KHobbits> why is still open on port 22.
05:07 +KHobbits> if its going through an ips -.-
05:07 @Firestar> we will not be going into specifics of our protections.
05:08 @rakiru> so... many... windows...
05:10 ♦ jamietech ( has joined #mcbans
05:10 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o g by MCBans_Housecat
05:10 @g> OK, kids
05:10 @g> Nazi mode time
05:10 ♦ panda1111 (webchat@ has quit (Quit: Web client closed)
05:10 +mbaxter> Heil!
05:10 @g> Okay, listen
05:10 @g> I don't want to here any more about this guy
05:10 @g> The admin/sysop team has a fuckload of stuff to do
05:10 @g> to make sure shit is fixed up
05:11 @g> The guy is a temporary contractor, and will not be returning to this channel
05:11 @Stracci> ^
05:11 @g> Regardless of whether the team has made the right decision or not
05:11 @g> please discuss this guy in private, or don't discuss him at all
05:11 @g> Those who bring it up will be banned, temporarily or permanently, depending on the banner's mood
05:11 @g> No exceptions.
05:11 @g> Everyone got that?
05:12 @g> Thank you.
05:12 @g> Carry on.
05:12 ♦ mode/#mcbans -m by Stracci
05:12 [Y]> K cool
05:13 jamietech> i like how you have to use your bot to get op
05:13 [Y]> lol
05:13 @g> I don't.
05:13 [Y]> you did
05:13 ♦ mode/#mcbans +o g by Firestar
05:13 [Y]> * MCBans_Housecat gives channel operator status to g
05:13 @g> I can just do that
05:13 @g> :P
05:13 [Y]> oh
05:13 @g> I dislike doing that to firemeow though
05:14 ylt> yeah, *send_raw pretty fun? ^^
05:14 @g> mm
05:15 @g> I only have it for emergencies
05:15 aythrea> and it's the only pussy he can get.
05:15 @g> lol
05:15 ylt> run my irc bots through znc just for that functionality
05:15 aythrea> completely digital, and he had to make it himself. :/ Pathetic.
05:15 @g> XD
05:15 @g> shush, ayth
05:15 aythrea> I know your secrets. >_>
05:15 @g> they don't have to know that >.>
05:16 @MCBans_Housecat> Mrreeoww?
05:16 @g> :P
05:16 aythrea> He's calling for you. XD
05:16 @g> xD
05:16 @g> It's a she
05:16 @g> I swear
05:16 @g> :U
05:16 [Y]> ?? rakiru
05:16 ★ MCBans_Housecat loves her ikle rakitten
05:16 [Y]> that proves it
05:16 @g> lol
05:18 [Y]> .lookup youyouxue all
05:18 [Y]> phew
05:18 [Y]> g kick my alt
05:18 [Y]> please
05:18 [Y]> somehow it got on again
05:18 ♦ youyouxue|iT was kicked from #mcbans by g (youyouxue|iT)
05:18 [Y]> k thx
05:18 @g> lol
05:19 [Y]> mc question
05:19 forty_two> [Y]: Ghost it instead, more effective than kicking
05:19 [Y]> do player placed leaves decay?
05:19 forty_two> I think they do
05:19 @g> uhh
05:19 @g> I don't think so
05:19 [Y]> hmm
05:19 @g> afaik Notch fixed that
05:19 EvilSeph> no, they're marked appropriately.
05:19 [Y]> right ok
05:19 Zimsky> No they don't
05:19 ♦ Kaikz ( has joined #mcbans
05:19 [Y]> holy shit
05:19 [Y]> Evilseph
05:19 [Y]> aren't you like bukkit head?
05:20 Zimsky> here we go
05:20 @g> Yerp
05:20 [Y]> coooo
05:20 [Y]> l*
05:20 [Y]> lol thanks for the answer
05:20 ★ MCBans_Housecat curls up in Nijikokun's lap
05:20 forty_two> Did they ever? Wondering if I'm remembering an older version or if I'm just making stuff up :P
05:20 +KHobbits> hes not a big fan of being highlighted tho, last i checked.
05:20 [Y]> TROLOL
05:20 @g> ^
05:20 [Y]> g better put on a filter
05:20 [Y]> only have it sit on approved laps
05:20 ♦ ProjectInfinity ( has quit (Quit: Gone. :3)
05:20 @g> It's a cat
05:20 @g> as aythrea puts it, once you own a cat, it owns you
05:20 [Y]> ffs it's a techno-cat
05:21 [Y]> ?? c/decision
05:21 @g> there's a /ignore for a reason
05:21 @MCBans_Housecat> (c/decision) Yes.
05:21 [Y]> it fucking makes decisions!
05:21 @g> Yes!
05:21 @g> It's a magicat!
05:24 ♦ _EricReitz_ ( has quit (Ping timeout: 192 seconds)
05:25 +mbaxter> So, about that weather.
05:25 +mbaxter> Pretty stormy.
05:27 [Ryan]> Snow in Canada...
05:27 @Stracci> Snow in Salt Lake..
05:27 forty_two> 38ºC on the verandah here :(
05:27 jamietech> jesus
05:27 jamietech> where the fuck are you O_O
05:27 forty_two> I dislike summer, gets way too hot and humid here
05:27 [Ryan]> -27 celcius...
05:27 [Y]> who's [Ryan]
05:27 jamietech> who's [Y]
05:28 [Y]> youyouxue
05:28 [Y]> that's me
05:28 That_Guy> whos That_Guy
05:28 [Ryan]> I'm a human being, last time I check
05:28 [Ryan]> Could be wrong though
05:28 [Y]> .whois [ryan]
05:28 jamietech> What does server lockdown do
05:28 [Ryan]> If you meant my username, it's ryanclancy000
05:28 [Y]> locks down your server
05:28 [Y]> it's like whitelist
05:29 ♦ unh20050 ( has joined #mcbans
05:29 ♦ _EricReitz_ ( has joined #mcbans
05:31 ♦ {unimatrix} is now known as uni|offline
05:34 ♦ napalm1 (~spencerwe@ has quit (Quit: napalm1)
05:34 ♦ [Y] is now known as [Y]|MC
05:35 @MCBans_Housecat> Mreewww..
05:38 jamietech> hi Stracci
05:38 jamietech> are you around
05:38 @g> jamietech, can I help?
05:38 jamietech> if you can fix my api
05:38 @g> fix? What's broken?
05:38 aythrea> Gorgeous, here in Dallas Texas. :D
05:38 jamietech> wont connect
05:38 jamietech> or something
05:38 @g> Plugin right?
05:38 jamietech> but im not getting data
05:38 jamietech> no
05:38 @g> you're writing your own API?
05:39 jamietech> its already done :P
05:39 jamietech> it was working yesterday
05:39 @g> What language?
05:39 jamietech> php->mcbans
05:39 @g> ah, php
05:39 @g> .lookup Jadedwolf
05:39 @MCBans_Housecat> Reputation for Jadedwolf: 10.00/10
05:39 @MCBans_Housecat> Total bans: 1
05:39 @g> failtab
05:39 @g> well
05:39 @g> MCBans_Housecat has an api in python that I wrote
05:39 Jadedwolf> wut
05:39 @g> based off of my docs
05:39 @g> at uh
05:39 jamietech> "failtab"
05:39 @Stracci> ?
05:39 @g> ?? api/docbackup
05:39 @MCBans_Housecat> (api/docbackup) You can find a backup of the API documentation here:
05:40 @g> Are these what you used?
05:40 ♦ unh20050 ( has quit (Quit: unh20050)
05:40 jamietech> yes
05:40 jamietech> i was getting data yesterday
05:40 ♦ unh20050 ( has joined #mcbans
05:40 Stragis> Stracci / youyouxue - that e-mail includes the irc logs as part of the e-mail
05:40 +mbaxter> jamietech: if you trust me, pass me your api key and I'll testit on my working script
05:40 @g> jamietech, are you using the IP or the DNS name?
05:40 jamietech> dns name g
05:40 @g> use the IP
05:40 jamietech> mk
05:40 @g> i'll query it to you
05:40 @g> since it's different
05:41 +mbaxter> jamietech: ._. I gave you the IP last time and you said you'd use it
05:41 ♦ Stragis ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:41 jamietech> its thinking
05:42 jamietech> very slowly :P
05:42 @g> :P
05:42 ♦ chumazing ( has joined #mcbans
05:42 +mbaxter> jamietech: you're clearly not thinking :P
05:43 jamietech> now im just gonna say it's not working
05:43 jamietech> because it wont load lol
05:43 @rakiru> so slowly it's rounded to 0.000000000
05:43 ♦ SumWon ( has quit ()
05:43 @rakiru> whatever units thought speed is measurred in
05:43 ♦ unh20050 ( has quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
05:43 ♦ Wahrheit ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:43 @g> kW/h :P
05:43 @rakiru> wait, i gave you the IP last night
05:43 ♦ unh20050 ( has joined #mcbans
05:44 [Y]|MC> kw/h lol
05:46 +mbaxter> ._. Great! I can't test it becuase you locked down the API keys.
05:46 ♦ chumazing ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:46 +mbaxter> jamietech: Did you change IP you're using recently
05:46 +mbaxter> That's probably it
05:46 ♦ chumazing ( has joined #mcbans
05:46 +mbaxter> I'm sure one of the adminly folks can add a new IP for your api key.
05:46 jamietech> ill just change the server ip
05:46 jamietech> oh wait that wont work
05:46 jamietech> and stracci said he wouldn't
05:47 jamietech> <3 the customer service here
05:47 +mbaxter> Try asking a staff member who doesn't appear to be close to stabbing somebody from the stress of the hack.
05:47 [Y]|MC> LOL ^
05:47 +mbaxter> rakiru: Do you have IP access modification... access?
05:47 +mbaxter> I'm sure some staff member can help you utilize mcbans.
05:48 ♦ chumazing ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:48 ♦ chumazing ( has joined #mcbans
05:49 ♦ chumazing ( has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:49 ♦ uni|offline is now known as {unimatrix}
05:50 @Stracci> I have access to change IP's
05:50 @Stracci> jamietech: That is not what you asked, please re-read te query.
05:50 @Stracci> the*
05:50 ★ MCBans_Housecat stares at SinZ
05:50 +mbaxter> Stracci: So if jamietech gives you an IP he wants having access to the api, you'll set that up for him? :)
05:50 ★ SinZ stares back
05:50 @Stracci> Yes...
05:50 +mbaxter> Hurray! Resolution in under 10 minutes! Now that's progress.
05:50 jamietech>
05:50 ♦ unh20050 ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:50 @Stracci> query:
05:50 @Stracci> 22:39] <jamietech> can i get a new one then
05:50 @Stracci> [22:39] <jamietech> that isn't locked down
05:50 @Stracci> [22:39] <Stracci> no
05:50 @Stracci> [22:40] <jamietech> ._>
05:50 @Stracci> [22:40] <Stracci> Locking down isnt optional.
05:51 @Stracci> No where did you ask me to add an IP..
05:52 +mbaxter> Nowhere did you suggest to him that you can do it either ;)
05:52 xales> g: poke
05:52 @Stracci> mbaxter: The conversation said nothing about an IP
05:53 @Stracci> >_>
05:53 @Stracci> <--- Would appreciate it if people would not be down my throat 24x7
05:53 @Stracci> >_><M
05:53 [Y]|MC> lol
05:53 [Y]|MC> Stracci you sound tired
05:53 ♦ lahwran_ ( has joined #mcbans
05:53 @Stracci> I'm exhausted
05:54 +mbaxter> Not jumping down your throat, just suggesting that the obvious solution to his problem is offering an IP exception. Now please take a nap, you can't defend terrible security consultants on a tired mind :P
05:54 @Stracci> mbaxter: There was no obvious solution. That was the whole conversation
05:54 jamietech> hi
05:54 @Stracci> hi
05:54 jamietech> is it added/beingadded
05:54 jamietech> or do you need the server ip too :3
05:54 @Stracci> I'm working on that now >_>
05:54 @Stracci> server ip would help
05:54 jamietech> <3
05:54 jamietech>
05:56 @rakiru> my cat just farted
05:56 That_Guy> wat.
05:56 ColdFyre> great mail from <>
05:56 ColdFyre> er
05:56 Zimsky> rakiru: i'll add that to my diary, thanks
05:56 ♦ chumazing ( has joined #mcbans
05:57 @Stracci> ColdFyre >_>
05:57 ♦ Doridian is now known as Doridian|Away
05:57 ColdFyre> :<
06:00 @rakiru> and again
06:00 @rakiru> it smell like rotten turnips
06:00 @rakiru> with a slight hint of lynx
06:00 @rakiru> or cat piss, can never tell the difference between those two...
06:01 @Stracci> jamietech: Its been added.
06:01 jamietech> <3 Stracci
06:01 ♦ Stracci is now known as Stracci|zzzz
06:01 jamietech> it still doesnt work tho
06:01 jamietech> ._.
06:01 @Stracci|zzzz> then its not us.
06:01 That_Guy> lol..
06:01 @Stracci|zzzz> Check your script
06:01 @Stracci|zzzz> >_>
06:01 jamietech> my script works
06:01 jamietech> it was working yesterday
06:02 @Stracci|zzzz> We have been in lockdown for 3 days ..
06:02 @Stracci|zzzz> nothings changed
06:05 @MCBans_Housecat> Meow
06:06 ★ That_Guy feeds MCBans_Housecat
06:06 ★ MCBans_Housecat noms That_Guy's food
06:06 @MCBans_Housecat> =^.^=
06:07 ★ Stracci|zzzz feeds MCBans_Housecat
06:07 ★ MCBans_Housecat noms Stracci|zzzz's food
06:07 @MCBans_Housecat> =^.^=
06:07 @Stracci|zzzz> kitty gonna get phat
06:07 @Stracci|zzzz> :>
06:07 That_Guy> :o
06:09 @rakiru> mbaxter, you meany... :(
06:09 +mbaxter> rakiru: What I do
06:09 +mbaxter> jamietech: You changed IP.
06:12 jamietech> wat
06:12 +mbaxter> jamietech: didn't you change the IP of your server in that time
06:12 +mbaxter> that was sending requests
06:13 jamietech> wat
06:16 @rakiru> didn't say hi in bleeding :(
06:16 @rakiru> you should have a highlight set up for "baxie" from me :P
06:20 ♦ Neoinr ( has joined #mcbans
06:20 ★ MCBans_Housecat paws Crashkitty|Away
06:20 ♦ crohakon ( has joined #mcbans
06:20 ♦ CanadianTaser ( has joined #mcbans
06:20 jamietech> inb4 that bot gets banned
06:21 @Stracci|zzzz>
06:21 @MCBans_Housecat> "Login" at
06:21 @Stracci|zzzz> ^ read
06:22 @rakiru> and baxie ignored me... :( mbaxter
06:22 @rakiru> then register? :/
06:23 +mbaxter> Hi sorry what's up
06:23 @rakiru> [06:15] <@rakiru> didn't say hi in bleeding :(
06:23 @rakiru> [06:16] <@rakiru> you should have a highlight set up for "baxie" from me :P
06:23 @Stracci|zzzz> read the post.
06:23 @Stracci|zzzz> Dont all caps me.
06:23 @rakiru> not quite a hi, but acknowledgement is a step in the right direction... :P
06:23 @g> yes, if you haven't already
06:23 @Stracci|zzzz> And yes, you should.
06:24 ♦ mode/#mcbans +b *!* by Stracci|zzzz
06:24 ♦ CanadianTaser was kicked from #mcbans by Stracci|zzzz (CanadianTaser)
06:24 Neoinr> Stracci|zzzz: What happened to "no personal info was stolen"?
06:24 @Stracci|zzzz> An IP and email is highly not personal.
06:24 Neoinr> The attackers were able to download a dump of the forum and old servers database (older mcbans accounts from Dec 1. 2010 to April 15 2011 ), the passwords are hashed but other information, emails, and forum information have been taken
06:24 @Stracci|zzzz> And the passwords are hashed.
06:25 Neoinr> Nevertheless, it's passwords
06:25 @Stracci|zzzz> The passwords are hashed.
06:25 @rakiru> no, it's password hashes
06:25 Neoinr> Plus there's other forum info
06:25 @rakiru> not passwords
06:25 ♦ aPunch ( has joined #mcbans
06:25 Neoinr> I'm just saying
06:25 Neoinr> You kept insisting no info
06:25 @Stracci|zzzz> Let me just remind
06:25 @rakiru> i'm just correcting
06:25 ♦ Neoinr ( has left #mcbans (rofl)
06:25 @Stracci|zzzz> Trolling - ban
06:26 ♦ Retricide ( has joined #mcbans
06:26 ♦ dewknight ( has quit ()
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