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เ ђคשє ยภς๏שєгє๔ Շђє єՇєгภคɭ ค๒ץรร

Tobias Roland TobiasRoland

เ ђคשє ยภς๏שєгє๔ Շђє єՇєгภคɭ ค๒ץรร
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import WhyIsContravarianceSoHard.{Animal, Cat, Dog, Vet}
object WhyIsContravarianceSoHard extends App {
//why are contravariance so hard
val list: List[Int] = List(1, 2, 3)
class Animal
class Dog(name: String) extends Animal
class Cat(name: String) extends Animal
TobiasRoland / incoming-gcp-cloud-function-slack-slash-command-example.json
Created Jan 29, 2020
Example of request recieved in GCP cloud functions from a slack slash command (as deserialized by npm dependency "safe-json-stringify" due to circular nature of object)
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"_readableState": {
"objectMode": false,
"highWaterMark": 16384,
"buffer": {
"head": null,
"tail": null,
"length": 0
"length": 0,
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{"some sort of new" : "git feature?"}