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from Uni import *
import time
servers = CSEM.loadServers(["lofty"])
def notify(title, subtitle, message):
sh.Command("terminal-notifier")("-title", title, "-subtitle", subtitle, "-message", message)
# Get all users on every server
activeUsers = {}
while True:
users = CSEM.getUsers(servers)
newActiveUsers = {}
for user in users.values():
newActiveUsers[] = user
for fan, user in newActiveUsers.iteritems():
if not activeUsers.has_key(fan):
notify("CSEM", "+" +, "%s logged in to lofty" % fan)
for fan, user in activeUsers.iteritems():
if not newActiveUsers.has_key(fan):
notify("CSEM", "-" +, "%s logged out of lofty" % fan)
activeUsers = newActiveUsers
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