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Federal Electoral Districts in Waterloo Region
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from functools import reduce
import json
import fiona
import pyproj
shp = "zip://"
# fio info zip:// reports "EPSG:3347"
# "EPSG:4269" for geojson?
transformer = pyproj.Transformer.from_crs(crs_from="EPSG:3347", crs_to="EPSG:4269")
waterloo_district_ids = (35016, 35045, 35046, 35047, 35112)
def reducer(value, function):
"""Use with reduce() to apply a sequence of functions to a value"""
return function(value)
def district_id(feature):
"""Get FEDNUM property for a district"""
return feature.get("properties", {}).get("FEDNUM", 0)
def coordinates(feature):
"""Get (Polygon) coordinates for a district"""
return feature.get("geometry", {}).get("coordinates", [[(0, 0)]])
def transform(feature, transformer=transformer):
"""Transform each point in a Polygon"""
feature["geometry"]["coordinates"] = [
[transformer.transform(x, y) for x, y in ring]
for ring in coordinates(feature)
return feature
def swap_xy(feature):
"""Swap x/y coordinates; use after transform()"""
feature["geometry"]["coordinates"] = [
[(y, x, *z) for x, y, *z in ring] for ring in coordinates(feature)
return feature
def geojson(features):
"""Build a GeoJSON object"""
return json.dumps(dict(type="FeatureCollection", features=features))
if __name__ == "__main__":
waterloo_districts = []
with fiona.Env():
with as features:
for feature in features:
# filter for local districts
if district_id(feature) in waterloo_district_ids:
waterloo_feature = reduce(reducer, (transform, swap_xy), feature)
# create a local copy
with open("waterloo_districts.geojson", "w") as f:
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