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TomByrne /
Created May 9, 2022 23:57
Zoom Electron / Ionic Meeting SDK v5.9.1.3550

Zoom Electron Meeting SDK v5.9.1.3550

These are TS definitions for the Zoom Electron/Ionic Meeting SDK, available on Zoom's Developer Portal.

There are several omittions due to time constrains:

  • ZoomSDK.RawData
  • ZoomSDK.SMSHelper
  • ZoomSettings.GetGeneralSetting
  • ZoomSettings.GetRecordingSetting
  • ZoomSettings.GetSettingUICtrl
TomByrne / JsonViewer.vue
Last active January 21, 2021 03:30
A JSON Viewer component for Vue 3.x (using Typescript class-style components)
'type-' + type,
reallyOpen ? 'open' : 'closed',
simple ? 'simple' : null
<span class="name" v-if="hasName && !isNameIndex">"{{ name }}"</span>
TomByrne / Haxe Wix Ubuntu Dockerfile
Last active February 6, 2019 00:47
Haxe / Wix / Ubuntu Dockerfile
FROM syedhassaanahmed/wix-node
USER root
RUN mkdir /home/wix/src
WORKDIR /home/wix/src
# Haxe environment variables
ENV HAXEPATH /root/haxe
TomByrne / Haxe NPM
Last active February 1, 2021 05:57
Packaging NPM dependencies into a JS/Haxe Application

When using NPM Dependencies in Haxe, the referenced JS doesn't get automatically pulled into your Haxe-compiled JS file. One way to include this JS is using webpack. These dependencies will only be resolved by webpack if you use the @:jsRequire metadata.

Firstly install webpack: npm i -g webpack.

After Haxe generates it's JS output, it will contain un-resolved require() calls. To resolve these dependencies (and any deeper dependencies), run webpack like this: webpack --config webpack.config.js

TomByrne / ChromaKeyFilter.hx
Last active April 27, 2018 01:40
Chroma Key Filter for the Haxe version of Starling 2
// =================================================================================================
// Starling Framework
// Copyright Gamua GmbH. All Rights Reserved.
// This program is free software. You can redistribute and/or modify it
// in accordance with the terms of the accompanying license agreement.
// =================================================================================================
TomByrne / MultiExporter.jsx
Last active June 14, 2024 09:48
An Illustrator script for exporting layers and/or artboards into separate files (PNG8 / PNG24 / EPS / PDF / SVG / JPG / FXG).See
// MultiExporter.jsx
// Version 0.1
// Version 0.2 Adds PNG and EPS exports
// Version 0.3 Adds support for exporting at different resolutions
// Version 0.4 Adds support for SVG, changed EPS behaviour to minimise output filesize
// Version 0.5 Fixed cropping issues
// Version 0.6 Added inner padding mode to prevent circular bounds clipping
// Copyright 2013 Tom Byrne
// Comments or suggestions to