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Created January 29, 2010 21:46
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An ActiveRecord migration to migrate your database to MongoDB using MongoMapper
# The basic idea is that we take the existing data via ActiveRecord
# and create new documents in MongoDB using MongoMapper.
# This method is necessary as we want to keep all the associations of existing dataset
# and by the way, clean up empty columns
# We rely on models still being ActiveRecord::Base, I bet you can figure out how the look like.
# And have the newer MongoDB ones here in a module, painful as we have to set the collection_name
# Don't put a +timestamps!+ into your MongoMapper models yet because this would change the updated_at if existing
# As you see in the MongoDB models, a few loose their indepence, e.g. Source as I
# plan to add other sources besides flickr, or Page and Album which only make sense in
# their parent Website
# Photo stays independed though I'm thinking about making copies into Album and Page
# as this would allow the user to change e.g. title or tags in his photos
# MongoStream is just some name as my app is called
module MongoStream
class Photo
include MongoMapper::Document
@collection_name = 'photos'
# belongs_to :source
# has_and_belongs_to_many :websites
# has_and_belongs_to_many :albums
class Source
include MongoMapper::Document
@collection_name = 'sources'
has_many :photos, :class_name => "MongoStream::Photo"
# belongs_to :user
class Album
include MongoMapper::EmbeddedDocument
key :photo_ids, Array
has_many :photos, :class_name => "MongoStream::Photo", :in => :photo_ids
# belongs_to :website
# belongs_to :key_photo, :class_name => 'Photo'
class Page
include MongoMapper::EmbeddedDocument
# belongs_to :website
class User
include MongoMapper::Document
@collection_name = 'users'
key :website_ids, Array
has_many :sources, :class_name => "MongoStream::Source"
has_many :websites, :class_name => "MongoStream::Website", :in => :website_ids
has_many :photos, :class_name => "MongoStream::Photo"
# has_and_belongs_to_many :websites
class Website
include MongoMapper::Document
@collection_name = 'websites'
key :photo_ids, Array
key :user_ids, Array
has_many :albums, :class_name => "MongoStream::Album"
has_many :pages, :class_name => "MongoStream::Page"
has_many :photos, :class_name => "MongoStream::Photo", :in => :photo_ids
has_many :users, :class_name => "MongoStream::User", :in => :user_ids
# has_and_belongs_to_many :users
class MigrateToMongodb < ActiveRecord::Migration
require 'mongo_mapper'
def self.clean_attrs(object, unneeded_attributes = [])
unneeded_attributes << 'id'
attributes = object.attributes.dup
# we keep the old_id for now to copy the associations much easier
attributes['old_id'] = attributes['id']
attributes.reject!{|k,v|unneeded_attributes.include?(k.to_s) || v.nil?}
def self.up
%w(MongoStream::User MongoStream::Website MongoStream::Photo MongoStream::Source).map{|klass| instance_eval("#{klass}.delete_all") rescue nil }
::User.all.each do |user|
m_user = MongoStream::User.create!(clean_attrs(user))
user.sources.find(:all, :limit => 10).each do |source|
m_source =
m_source[:user_id] = do |photo|
m_photo = MongoStream::Photo.create!(clean_attrs(photo))
m_photo[:tags] = photo.tag_list.to_a
m_photo[:source_id] =
m_photo[:user_id] = m_source.user_id
m_user.sources << m_source
# With those embedded documents, never forget to save the root element!
Website.all.each do |website|
m_website = MongoStream::Website.create(clean_attrs(website)) = MongoStream::Photo.all(:conditions => {:old_id => website.photo_ids})
m_website.user_ids = MongoStream::User.all(:conditions => {:old_id => website.user_ids}).collect(&:_id)
website.albums.each do |album|
m_website.albums <<, %w(website_id key_photo_id parent_id)))
website.pages.each do |page|
m_website.pages <<, %w(website_id user_id parent_id)))
# And now again all users and update their website_ids
MongoStream::User.all.each do |m_user|
old_website_ids = User.find(m_user.old_id).website_ids
m_user.update_attribute(:website_ids, MongoStream::Website.all(:conditions => {:old_id => old_website_ids}).collect(&:id))
# The best is to clean up and remove the old_ids via the mongo console, there for mongo 1.3+
#{}, { $unset : { old_id : 1}}, false, true )
# db.websites.update({}, { $unset : { old_id : 1, 'albums.old_id': 1, 'pages.old_id': 1}}, false, true )
# db.users.update({}, { $unset : { old_id : 1}}, false, true )
def self.down
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