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Whats happening?

Tom Lewis TomLewis

Whats happening?
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var BrewingDataSet = [
["1", "Skunky Wheatbeer/Wheatbeer/Fine Wheatbeer", "Full recipe given", "<ol><li>1-3 bushals of horse food</li><li>cook for 8-10 mins</li><li>age for a couple days in a certain barrel</li></ol>", "2"],
["2", "Skunky Beer/Beer/Fine Beer", "Full recipe given", "Double the ingredients of wheatbeer, cook for 6-10 mins, age for a few days in a certain barrel", "2"],
["3", "Skunky Darkbeer/Darkbeer/Fine Darkbeer", "Full recipe given", "4-8 bushals of horse food, cook for 6-10 mins, age for a week and a bit in a dark-ish barrel", "2"],
["4", "Awkward Mead/Mead/Golden Mead", "Full recipe given", "4-8 sweet tasting reeds, cook for 1-3 mins, age for a few days in a certain barrel", "2"],
["5", "Apple Mead/Sweet Apple Mead/Sweet Golden Apple Mead", "Full recipe given", "A few of those reeds, plus a couple of fruits, cook for a few mins, age for a few days", "2"],
["6", "Bitter Rum/Spicy Rum/Golden Rum", "Full recipe given", "A lot of reeds to make it extra sweet
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# !-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!
# This file holds configuration for join, quit, kick, death
# messages and automatic message broadcaster.
# !-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!
# To use placeholders, you'll need to enable custom
# variables in settings.yml at Variables.Enabled.
# See "variables/javascript.txt" for list of precreated variables.
TomLewis / mca_poly_overviewer
Last active Apr 19, 2016 — forked from jason-green-io/mca_poly_overviewer
Add these functions, filters and manual POIs to your overviewer config file to add a mca file grid
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def pointDict( coords ):
coordLabel = ("x", "y", "z")
return dict(zip(coordLabel, coords))
def mcafilter(poi):
if poi["id"] == "mca":
# print poi
return poi
mcapoi = []
INVOCATION="java -Xms2G -Xmx8G -jar $SERVICE"
mc_start() {
if ps ax | grep -v grep | grep -v -i SCREEN | grep $SERVICE > /dev/null