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Created Apr 26, 2022
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Output from getTraceInput
I/System.out: ----- pid 2738 at 2022-04-26 17:48:12 -----
Cmd line: com.tomerpacific.anrdetection
Build fingerprint: 'Android/sdk_phone_x86/generic_x86:11/RSR1.210210.001.A1/7193139:userdebug/dev-keys'
ABI: 'x86'
Build type: optimized
I/System.out: Zygote loaded classes=15746 post zygote classes=728
Dumping registered class loaders
#0 dalvik.system.PathClassLoader: [], parent #1
#1 java.lang.BootClassLoader: [], no parent
I/System.out: #2 dalvik.system.PathClassLoader: [/data/app/~~C_0mqw-g_9cjPjIR_kpRIg==/com.tomerpacific.anrdetection-3-t-I6JR9Q3QA6UY7L8iPA==/base.apk], parent #1
Done dumping class loaders
Classes initialized: 302 in 19.361ms
Intern table: 31490 strong; 543 weak
JNI: CheckJNI is on; globals=637 (plus 31 weak)
I/System.out: Libraries: (14)
Heap: 91% free, 2330KB/26MB; 67022 objects
Dumping cumulative Gc timings
I/System.out: Average major GC reclaim bytes ratio inf over 0 GC cycles
Average major GC copied live bytes ratio 0.738176 over 4 major GCs
Cumulative bytes moved 11482280
Cumulative objects moved 217937
Peak regions allocated 28 (7168KB) / 768 (192MB)
I/System.out: Start Dumping histograms for 1 iterations for young concurrent copying
ProcessMarkStack: Sum: 26.311ms 99% C.I. 26.311ms-26.311ms Avg: 26.311ms Max: 26.311ms
ScanImmuneSpaces: Sum: 5.625ms 99% C.I. 5.625ms-5.625ms Avg: 5.625ms Max: 5.625ms
VisitConcurrentRoots: Sum: 1.121ms 99% C.I. 1.121ms-1.121ms Avg: 1.121ms Max: 1.121ms
I/System.out: (Paused)ClearCards: Sum: 375us 99% C.I. 7us-235us Avg: 28.846us Max: 235us
GrayAllDirtyImmuneObjects: Sum: 329us 99% C.I. 329us-329us Avg: 329us Max: 329us
VisitNonThreadRoots: Sum: 327us 99% C.I. 327us-327us Avg: 327us Max: 327us
I/System.out: InitializePhase: Sum: 306us 99% C.I. 306us-306us Avg: 306us Max: 306us
(Paused)GrayAllNewlyDirtyImmuneObjects: Sum: 164us 99% C.I. 164us-164us Avg: 164us Max: 164us
(Paused)FlipCallback: Sum: 144us 99% C.I. 144us-144us Avg: 144us Max: 144us
SweepSystemWeaks: Sum: 142us 99% C.I. 142us-142us Avg: 142us Max: 142us
I/System.out: ScanCardsForSpace: Sum: 125us 99% C.I. 125us-125us Avg: 125us Max: 125us
ThreadListFlip: Sum: 96us 99% C.I. 96us-96us Avg: 96us Max: 96us
ClearFromSpace: Sum: 78us 99% C.I. 78us-78us Avg: 78us Max: 78us
CopyingPhase: Sum: 76us 99% C.I. 76us-76us Avg: 76us Max: 76us
I/System.out: FlipOtherThreads: Sum: 58us 99% C.I. 58us-58us Avg: 58us Max: 58us
ProcessReferences: Sum: 54us 99% C.I. 19us-35us Avg: 27us Max: 35us
SweepArray: Sum: 53us 99% C.I. 53us-53us Avg: 53us Max: 53us
I/System.out: EnqueueFinalizerReferences: Sum: 38us 99% C.I. 38us-38us Avg: 38us Max: 38us
RecordFree: Sum: 37us 99% C.I. 14us-23us Avg: 18.500us Max: 23us
ForwardSoftReferences: Sum: 25us 99% C.I. 25us-25us Avg: 25us Max: 25us
FlipThreadRoots: Sum: 21us 99% C.I. 21us-21us Avg: 21us Max: 21us
I/System.out: (Paused)SetFromSpace: Sum: 19us 99% C.I. 19us-19us Avg: 19us Max: 19us
ResumeRunnableThreads: Sum: 12us 99% C.I. 12us-12us Avg: 12us Max: 12us
EmptyRBMarkBitStack: Sum: 8us 99% C.I. 8us-8us Avg: 8us Max: 8us
SwapBitmaps: Sum: 7us 99% C.I. 7us-7us Avg: 7us Max: 7us
Done Dumping histograms
young concurrent copying paused: Sum: 750us 99% C.I. 750us-750us Avg: 750us Max: 750us
I/System.out: young concurrent copying freed-bytes: Avg: 1052KB Max: 1052KB Min: 1052KB
Freed-bytes histogram: 960:1
young concurrent copying total time: 35.641ms mean time: 35.641ms
young concurrent copying freed: 8956 objects with total size 1052KB
I/System.out: young concurrent copying throughput: 255886/s / 29MB/s per cpu-time: 179578666/s / 171MB/s
Average minor GC reclaim bytes ratio 0.742269 over 1 GC cycles
Average minor GC copied live bytes ratio 0.276211 over 2 minor GCs
Cumulative bytes moved 1410368
Cumulative objects moved 26626
I/System.out: Peak regions allocated 28 (7168KB) / 768 (192MB)
Total time spent in GC: 35.641ms
Mean GC size throughput: 28MB/s per cpu-time: 169MB/s
Mean GC object throughput: 251284 objects/s
Total number of allocations 75978
Total bytes allocated 3382KB
Total bytes freed 1052KB
I/System.out: Free memory 23MB
Free memory until GC 23MB
Free memory until OOME 189MB
Total memory 26MB
Max memory 192MB
Zygote space size 3040KB
Total mutator paused time: 750us
I/System.out: Total time waiting for GC to complete: 80.600us
Total GC count: 1
Total GC time: 35.641ms
Total blocking GC count: 0
Total blocking GC time: 0
Histogram of GC count per 10000 ms: 0:1
Histogram of blocking GC count per 10000 ms: 0:1
Native bytes total: 15621964 registered: 98204
I/System.out: Total native bytes at last GC: 15537168
/system/framework/oat/x86/android.hidl.manager-V1.0-java.odex: quicken
/system/framework/oat/x86/android.test.base.odex: quicken
/system/framework/oat/x86/android.hidl.base-V1.0-java.odex: quicken
I/System.out: Current JIT code cache size (used / resident): 0KB / 32KB
Current JIT data cache size (used / resident): 4KB / 32KB
Zygote JIT code cache size (at point of fork): 45KB / 48KB
Zygote JIT data cache size (at point of fork): 33KB / 36KB
Current JIT mini-debug-info size: 26KB
I/System.out: Current JIT capacity: 64KB
Current number of JIT JNI stub entries: 0
Current number of JIT code cache entries: 48
Total number of JIT compilations: 6
Total number of JIT compilations for on stack replacement: 1
I/System.out: Total number of JIT code cache collections: 0
Memory used for stack maps: Avg: 35B Max: 52B Min: 28B
Memory used for compiled code: Avg: 125B Max: 257B Min: 69B
Memory used for profiling info: Avg: 70B Max: 188B Min: 20B
Start Dumping histograms for 48 iterations for JIT timings
Compiling: Sum: 385.780ms 99% C.I. 0.556ms-25.610ms Avg: 8.037ms Max: 25.610ms
I/System.out: TrimMaps: Sum: 44.431ms 99% C.I. 2.400us-5148us Avg: 925.645us Max: 5643us
Done Dumping histograms
Memory used for compilation: Avg: 83KB Max: 322KB Min: 8560B
ProfileSaver total_bytes_written=0
ProfileSaver total_number_of_writes=0
ProfileSaver total_number_of_code_cache_queries=0
I/System.out: ProfileSaver total_number_of_skipped_writes=0
ProfileSaver total_number_of_failed_writes=0
ProfileSaver total_ms_of_sleep=5000
ProfileSaver total_ms_of_work=0
I/System.out: ProfileSaver total_number_of_hot_spikes=5
ProfileSaver total_number_of_wake_ups=0
I/System.out: suspend all histogram: Sum: 11.468ms 99% C.I. 0.018ms-10.658ms Avg: 1.042ms Max: 11.094ms
"main" prio=5 tid=1 Runnable
| group="main" sCount=0 dsCount=0 flags=0 obj=0x72107008 self=0xe7d05410
| sysTid=2738 nice=-10 cgrp=top-app sched=0/0 handle=0xf6267478
I/System.out: | state=R schedstat=( 5812106631 1041760011 2536 ) utm=535 stm=45 core=0 HZ=100
| stack=0xff7cb000-0xff7cd000 stackSize=8192KB
| held mutexes= "mutator lock"(shared held)
at com.tomerpacific.anrdetection.MainActivity$onCreate$1$1.onClick(MainActivity.kt:18)
at android.view.View.performClick(
at android.view.View.performClickInternal(
I/System.out: at android.view.View.access$3600(
at android.view.View$
I/System.out: at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at android.os.Looper.loop(
I/System.out: at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native method)
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