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Doing the thing

Travis McKinstry TravisGM92

Doing the thing
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Group project, 3 people involved.

Name: ****

Partner: Travis

Project Reflection

What is one thing that went unusually well during this project? We all communicated super well and frequently. We were also good about delegating tasks among the three of us.


DTR: Define the Relationship

Use this template when conducting DTR with your project partners. It's recommended that you copy/paste this template into your own gist each time you conduct a DTR to take notes on the conversation.

Guiding Questions to Define The Relationship:

  1. Corey Carter
  2. Judith Pillado
  3. Saryn Mooney
  4. Travis McKinstry

B2 Intermission Work

Answer these Check for Understanding questions as you work through the assignments.


  1. What is HTML?

    It is the standard 'language' for websites

  2. What is an HTML element?


Work Between Mod 0 and Mod 1


My daily* practice between mod 0 and mod 1

  • This is a markdown of hopeful daily tasks and projects that will always include a reading and coding practice.
  • By the end of this, we will have created a website, an app, a mini game, then 5 more mini games, and finally gosu interactive game.
  • *I am lucky enough to be out of work right now as I wait for Mod 1 to start.

    This is going to be a lot, so buckle up and keep pushing through! Create discipline for yourself!\

Mod 1 Week 1: Understanding your strengths

1. Describe one of your strengths

What is something you have learned to do well (list a skill)? I can... I can use American Sign Language fluently.

What is something you know about (list some knowledge/expertise you have)? I know...

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Last active May 28, 2020
Professional Development: 2 questions

What is the value of a checklist?

I see tremendous value in checklists, I use them everyday! I use a checklist for reminding me what I need to accomplish daily, weekly, etc. The value is; they help you keep track of everything you need to accomplish in an organized manner.

What Do you plan to improve upon while at Turing?

There are many things I wish to improve here, but I'd say the most important thing is my networking skills. I've always be an adept communicator, but I've never really learned the art of networking. I also hope to improve my collaboration skills when it comes to discussing technical material, like coding and programming.

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Gear Up Pre-Work

Why Empathy

Empathy has always been an important part of my life. I grew up with Deaf parents and because of that, I saw a lot of people make quick judgements about my parents. Now, I could have easily just become mad with these people who are needlessly judging my parents, and nobody would blame me for that. But I've realized over the years that I don't benefit from getting angry with those people. Neither do my parents. But how I can stand to benefit from those situations is trying to understand why they might make certain assumptions. That way I can be better equipped to solving the core issue; hearing people making snap judgements about Deaf people.

To me it seems quite obvious how empathy can be a tremendous benefit for building a better product, as well as creating better teams. How can I hope to build products like software if I don't understand the needs of the consumers using them? If I can reach more consumers (by making my prodcut accessible to more people, I stand to benefit

jumpser = "Hey how goes it?"
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Last active May 27, 2020
Beginners Guide to data types

Hi! This will be the first gist I've ever made on my own!

Let's talk about data types:

  1. Strings. Strings are some of the easiest data types. The only thing you need to do to indicate something is a string data type in Ruby is put it between quotes, either double (" ") or single quotes (' ').

  2. Integers. Or numbers, these are indicated in Ruby by just typing the number (not spelled out).

  3. Arrays. Arrays are nice, they allow you to tell Ruby that what follows is a list of elements I want to possibly manipulate later. I'll give two different examples of arrays;

  • Numbered arrays: [1, 2, 3, 4]