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Disable OS X mouse acceleration

Download ExactMouse tool from and put it to "Always On".

Overwrite the mouse tracking speed

defaults write -g 7

GPGMail does not work


I want to have mails sorted by recent on top, so to do that, you must go to Preferences -> Viewing -> Show most recent ... at top


Encrypt Hard Disk

Encrypt Time machine backup

SSH Key loading on macOS Sierra changed

Go here to see solution:

Tools installed

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • VLC
  • Office 2016 (for Word)
  • OnyX (sierra edition)
  • Slack
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Atom
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • ownCloud
  • Install 802.1X certificate from UL
  • GoToMeeting
  • FortiClient VPN
  • LastPass Binary Installer (Do not forget to configure auto-logout)
  • Tunnelblick OpenVPN
  • Google Drive
  • Caffeine (
  • gfxCardStatus
  • Teamviewer
  • Docker
  • Logitech Options for Master MX
  • Vagrant

Configuration for iTerm

  • Export settings from old iTerm and import to new one
  • Install brew
  • Install zsh by brew install zsh
  • Add /usr/local/bin/zsh to /etc/shells
  • Change path to export PATH="/usr/local/bin/:$PATH"
  • Install oh-my-zsh (Accept to change default shell)
  • Edit .zshrc
  • brew install wget zsh zsh-completions tig
  • Install miniconda for python packages and autoenv for environment generation
  • brew install autoenv
  • Edit .bash_profile to add new items in there

Configuration of git

git config --global "Trefex"
git config --global ""

Neded libs for Python Dev

Install Xcode CLI tools

$> xcode-select --install
  • Install zplug to manage zsh plugins
  • Install zsh-autoenv with adding zplug "Tarrasch/zsh-autoenv" to .zshrc

Activate Vundle in oh-my-zsh. Will put .vimrc to github.

Install RVM

Install from

After install, add source /Users/christophe.trefois/.rvm/scripts/rvm to .zshrc

Then configure a default ruby by rvm --default use ruby-2.3.3

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