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Created December 13, 2019 21:32
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#As first script
\curl -sSL | bash -s
#As second script - use enviroment
# Options for LFTP
#echo "debug" >> ~/.lftprc;
#echo "set log:enabled true" >> ~/.lftprc;
echo "set ftp:ssl-protect-data false" >> ~/.lftprc;
echo "set ftp:ssl-force false" >> ~/.lftprc;
echo "set ftp:ssl-allow false" >> ~/.lftprc;
echo "set ssl:verify-certificate no" >> ~/.lftprc;
echo "set ftp:timezone ''" >> ~/.lftprc;
#echo "set net:max-retries 0" >> ~/.lftprc;
#echo "set net:connection-limit 1" >> ~/.lftprc;
lftp -c "open -u $FTP_USER,$FTP_PASSWORD $FTP_HOST; mirror --use-cache -x \.git.+ `sed 's/^/-X /' .gitignore | tr '\n' ' '` -R ~/clone/ /domains/$DOMAIN/public_html/";
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Error: hang out too long - if SSL isn't properly set by settings or certs don't match. No logging available - one of reason to leave service
Error: GitHub manually revoke access - no way to re-enable it by adding service back per repository & project

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