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2023-02-08T07:42:19.329087Z Cloning repository...
2023-02-08T07:42:21.63425Z From
2023-02-08T07:42:21.634888Z * branch 4da6a6d636c511687c557feac52830e7355f292c -> FETCH_HEAD
2023-02-08T07:42:21.860435Z HEAD is now at 4da6a6d temp case studies filters removal
2023-02-08T07:42:22.03376Z Success: Finished cloning repository files
2023-02-08T07:42:22.685266Z Installing dependencies
2023-02-08T07:42:22.696157Z Python version set to 2.7
View LFTP - CodeShip & Hekko
#As first script
\curl -sSL | bash -s
#As second script - use enviroment
# Options for LFTP
#echo "debug" >> ~/.lftprc;
#echo "set log:enabled true" >> ~/.lftprc;
echo "set ftp:ssl-protect-data false" >> ~/.lftprc;
echo "set ftp:ssl-force false" >> ~/.lftprc;
echo "set ftp:ssl-allow false" >> ~/.lftprc;