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A different formulaic hit detect. This one works on rectangles
function recthit(rectone, recttwo){
console.log('recthit called');
var r1 = $(rectone);
var r2 = $(recttwo);
var r1x = r1.offset().left;
var r1w = r1.width();
var r1y = r1.offset().top;
var r1h = r1.height();
var r2x = r2.offset().left;
var r2w = r2.width();
var r2y = r2.offset().top;
var r2h = r2.height();
if( r1y+r1h < r2y ||
r1y > r2y+r2h ||
r1x > r2x+r2w ||
r1x+r1w < r2x ){
return false;
return true;
}//end function
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