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Last active Nov 26, 2020
IOTA Workshop Whitepaper

IOTA Workshop


The IOTA Workshop is a craft-production factorty run by a decentralized autonomous organization, for primarily humans to use. While reading futher, please think of this as a thought experiment rather than a business proposal. Inside the workshop, are the tools and instruments that people need to produce goods or commodities. Users of the workshop pay an amount dependent on the wear and tear of the tools they use, along with upkeep costs. For security, users also need to put down a form of refundable collateral. The goal of the IOTA Workshop is to offer specialized industrial tools at higly commpetative and reasonable prices. It is the equivalent of a rental tool business but is distinctive because it operates autonomously at lower costs and is fully transparent. This workshop would be self-sustaining, cheap to use, and highly accessible.

The Problem Being Solved

Normally, a business or a capitalist would come in possessi

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Last active Feb 15, 2019
Phys 9a LGAD: Parsing XML

Here is the input xml file we will be manipulating:

You can do all the anlysis in your jupyter notebook as long as it has the pip packages pandas,matplotlib,scipi,xlrd.

Take the excel file and put it in your jupyter notebook, or in your working directory.

Import panda using import pandas as pd, then use the following example to import the excel file:

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Last active Feb 5, 2019
Programming Assignent For Phys 9A

Hi all,

The first thing I would like to do is use the library matplotlib to plot the normal distrubution with μ = 0 and σ = 1.

To import matplotlib you use the statement:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Now you can plot make plots using plt.plot() like plt.plot([0,1,2,3],[0,1,2,3]), and to show them use (it might be different on juipiter).


Windows 10

Step 1: X-Window manager

Download and install XMing: XMing

Step 2: Enabling Ubuntu on Windows

Open powershell with admin priveldges:

  • Hit windows button and search for power shell
  • Right click icon and hit run as admin
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Created Jan 31, 2019
Summary on how to manage a pip repo

pip repos are located online at

You need a that looks like this:

import setuptools                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
 author="Joe Je",                                                  
View gist:d28cf787214913d74ebee75149e8ab02
server {
listen 80;
location / {
proxy_http_version 1.1;
proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
proxy_set_header Connection 'upgrade';
proxy_set_header Host $host;
proxy_cache_bypass $http_upgrade;