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Working from home
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My Docker Notes

Just a collection of my personal notes about Docker usage.

Override docker entrypoint

PROBLEM: Sometime u would like to override the entrypoint of a Docker container. For example if u try to run robod0ck by just calling docker run robod0ck/robod0ck u will most likely get the error [ ERROR ] Expected at least 1 argument, got 0. That's because the entrypoint of the container is the Robot Framework command robot which is assuming at least one arg e.g. a .robot file or a folder with test cases or some command line option like --help, --version etc.

Tset-Noitamotua / dockerfile
Created Jan 28, 2019
add chromedriver to docker container #robotframework #chrome #docker
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# add this to your Dockerfile
# by dm08 from Robot Framework Slack channel
apt-get -y install google-chrome-stable && \
wget -q && \
echo $(cat LATEST_RELEASE) && \
chromedriver_version=$(cat LATEST_RELEASE) && \
wget -N$chromedriver_version/ && \
unzip && \
Tset-Noitamotua / data-driven-rest-api-test-2_Robot-Framework.robot
Last active Feb 19, 2021
Data Driven REST API Test Examples with Robot Framework
View data-driven-rest-api-test-2_Robot-Framework.robot
#! Robot Framework
*** Settings ***
Metadata Version 0.1.0
Metadata Author *Tset Noitamotua*
Metadata Created 2019.01.23
Documentation Demo - Data Driven Test with RF
Tset-Noitamotua /
Last active Jun 11, 2021
How to install and configure Powerline on Linux (Deepin Linux 15.7, Debian / Ubuntu) with git status?

(Dead) simple installation / configuration of Powerline (powerline-status)

#Linux #bash #git #Powerline

If you ever have to reinstall Powerline on another machine this are the easy steps to follow to give you a nice looking prompt with git status and branch name in your bash terminal. Steps where done on Deepin Linux 15.7 but should also work on Debian / Ubuntu.

image - Deepin Linux Bash Powerline Git Status


Tset-Noitamotua /
Created Jan 12, 2019
install and configure powerline on linux for use with git
Tset-Noitamotua /
Last active Sep 24, 2020
HOW TO translate Cucumber test case into Robot Framework (RF) test case

Cucumber test with examples table

Scenario Outline: eating cucumbers
  Given there are <start> cucumbers
  When I eat <eat> cucumbers
  Then I should have <left> cucumbers

    | start | eat | left |
    |  12   |  5  |  7   |

@Raghavendra Balgi thanks for the steps for apache2. The reason I asked was because on Windows there is a problem with shared folders. It is not easy to configure epecially on a corporate host. So I needed an alternative way so check robot output files. I think the apache aproach might be a bit difficult (at least for beginners), too.

I have found two (imho easier) alternatives how to get a look on robots output files:

NOTE: I did all that on Windows 10


Tset-Noitamotua /
Last active Jun 30, 2017
SetUp & Run on Docker-CE

HOW-TO run on Docker-CE

Follow below steps if you like to have ReportPortal running on Ubuntu Zesty (17.04) with the latests Docker-CE version 17.05 and Docker-Compose 1.14


Tset-Noitamotua /
Created Jun 27, 2017
Collection of usefull shit for S2L

S2L Custom Keywords

Collection of usefull stuff (mainly custom keywords) for RF S2L

Tset-Noitamotua /
Last active Mar 26, 2020
HOW-TO enable MarkDown support in RobotFramework

HOW-TO enable MarkDown support in RobotFramework

You want to execute robot test which are inside fenced code blocks of a markdown file (.md) like any normal robot test? Follow the steps below then you can run your tests as simple as robot with all robot command line execution options.

This will add support for .md files to RF

  1. Clone [RobotFramework][4] repository
  2. Save the code below as '' in parsing folder of your local clone. It's based on [][1]
  3. Add this from .mdreader import MarkDownReader [here][2] to your local clone.