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Comparing Elona Omake Overhaul EN (OOEN?) and Elona plus

originally by Comatose#4208 Question: What are the differences between Elona Plus and Elona Omake (Omake Overhaul)? Answer: Elona Plus, is more like an entire overhaul and than a modification. Rather than the continuation of the vision of the original author of the game, it is the vision of a new one. It adds addition 'acts' and lore that cannot be considered to be 'canon', even if at least some of it makes sense. Also adds a ton of extra features and new mechanics. Whereas Elona Plus relies on adding entirely new content, Omake relies on fixing most of the broken stuff (some but not all of which was fixed in Elona Plus). Going on from Omake you have Omake Overhaul which is a continuation and fork of Omake that is more in line with Elona Plus in how much content it adds in terms of features. Comparing Omake to Plus wouldn't make much sense, but we can compare Omake Overhaul (adding in Omake's initial fixes) to Elona Plus. Below is some of the major pros and cons.

Elona Plus Pros:

  • More Acts
  • One new fully functioning god: Yacatet of Wealth
  • Evolution System
  • Custom AI if using Elona Custom
  • Necromancy System
  • Basic Weapon Creation Recipes
  • Artifact Fusion
  • New Spacts
  • Many Quality of Life Upgrades
  • Few new Feats

Elona Plus Cons:

  • New acts and story cannot be considered 'canon'
  • There is mechanics for pissing
  • No real endgame build diversity
  • No real weapon balance
  • Enemies scale resistances, ruining viability of magic
  • Artifact Fusion is really tedious
  • Cucumber Overlords

Elona Omake Overhaul Pros:

  • Two new fully functioning gods: Danalin of Water and Inari of Fortune
  • Faction system for God Worshippers (People who worship opposing gods are often at odds)
  • New damage calculations to make ranged weapons more viable
  • God Blessed Food, each god provides own benefits to stat potentials/stats
  • New/Different God-based abilities for worshippers
  • Custom Spell System
  • Many additions to custom NPC, item, and world creation
  • New Quests
  • Artifact Fusion System
  • Weapon Creation System
  • Many Quality of Life upgrades (Bashing a tree drops all apples, etc)
  • Many new Feats
  • Many new Classes
  • New Races
  • New Spacts
  • Title System (Doing things award titles, which can affect gameplay)

Elona Omake Overhaul Cons:

  • No new 'Story' content
  • No new 'Acts'
  • A bit less enemy variety without adding new CNPCs
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