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Created Jan 25, 2012
What would you like to do?
* General Questions
* You still have a paying job, right?
* Most importantly, will there be cake?
* What specifically are your plans regarding KP? (ie, with regards to games, future games, etc)
** Would users and staff and developers be willing to move to ##transcendence again and stay on freenode, or should migrate irc servers completely. If we choose the later, I do host irc servers and we can get systems setup quite nicely for JUST transcendence. 
* Are you planning to license the Transcendence engine for total conversions ?I mean license the game engine, like the unreal engine that is licensed for other games.
* About Kronosaur Production, are you planning to hire someone to help you or are you going solo for now ?
* can you describe how Transcendence will fit in your new Kronosaur productions
* Any other official development you can reveal to us?
* Community
* Wiki
* what plans do you have on namespace restructuring?
Now that you're working on Transcendence full time, will the proportion of time spent on different aspects change? ie. more time spent on new content compared to tickets etc
* How will groups be organized top down, bottom up, or different groups will use different organization.
* Mod Site
* Who is elligable to be a Quality Assurance person for the mods?
* upload a weapon to Mod Exchange, get reviewed by George and the community, if ok, it goes automatically in vanilla, next time you connect you find it in the game
* How will the Stats be implimented? Is there any need for help or such on this?
* Will there be a leaderboard? (teaderboard)
* Can you give us some ideas on how you plan to do the mod site? How will it be different from Xelerus?
* Trancendence
* Future Plans
* Transcendence being offered in Humble Bundle or on Steam?
* How do you plan to distrubute the game now?
* What would the release cycle look like (in terms of time spans) for future releases?
* When you said "the core game will continue to be free" what did you mean?
* Are you planning any other game in the Transcendence universe ?
* Engine
* Backend
* [] Is it possible to set up SysFreezeTime so that it could be used to to freeze only a single ship or to leave multiple ships and stations unfrozen? 
(I'm wondering for a possible topology system for sandbox which would cause immense lag without it)
* Possible addition for support of LUA and other scripting languages for addition of modders
* Will external tools be made to assist modding?
* What improvements will be made to debugging?
A couple things I would like to see are reloading mods (to allow editing intead of the console) and a function that showed all variables that are in scope. 
* Will AI be accessible by mods?
* What if there was Global XML and was updated on load (or periodic)
* how about virtual ship? Can you make them so that they don't have a second gating animation, and that they don't gate out when they follow the player through systems?
* How do you see the AI evolving as Transcendence improves? 
* Interface
* Will there be support for multiple screen sizes and transparent menus?
and how to keep balance for multiple screen sizes
* What kinds of interface improvements does George want to do?
* [mouse support] Click to station autopilot support request? Mouse support for DS-buttons and clickable images
"buttons, mouse on the map screen, waypoints, visible paths for things you are guarding
an item to make the paths for ai you are guarding does sound good for the vanilla game
I was thinking seeing a line on the screen that the guarded ship would expect to follow
as for waypoints maybe have a mission where you guide some ships through dangerous territory 
and you tell them what waypoints to go to"
* Configuration on UI elements support?
* What are the challenges of the dockscreens, what improvements would you like to see being made?
* is there any info on the ship flight UI that you would like to see? What improvements can be made to the minimap?
* Is the big map screen working well? Do you use it to maneuver and pilot much? Is there way of selecting things on it while keeping the current functionality?
* What kind of modding access do you want to see?
* D&O (Domina and Oracus)
* Why is Domina calling you, and countless others, to the core, even if her goal is to prevent Oracus from rising, and the quarantine is for that goal, which means you have to breach it?
* Can we destroy the Ares completely when you added Ares Prime to the game?
* ?? Why are there humans out side the quarantine zone, and why were they not terminated?
* What do the Dwarg raiders raid and why are they at the Outer Realm? I remember some discussion about them being zoanthropes, but that is all I remember
* Who are the settlers, the sovereign represented by &svSettlers;? They are on asteroid mines, and apparently on related to the Abbasids. Why?
* What are the purposes of ferians in the game? Were they meant to be farmed? Is their inclusion a way to characterize the Pilgrim by the player's actions?
* General
* Will there be an IOS / Android Transcendence?
* Will there be capabilities for network play - on many servers - something like game cs or cod or urt do?
* I always thought that some form of multiplayer would be nice idea. What about adding something similar to Star Control II multiplayer fights ?
* How do you plan an balancing player progressing with large networks of systems.
* Anacron
* What are your plans for Anacron?
* Will you be updating the graphics? The engine?
* How about the game mechanics? Will it also receive an update? 
* I think that one great way to update Anacreaon would be to give it Trans-like graphics, and have flashier battles, as well as to renovate the empire management system (as in, people starving because their governor wasn't competent enough to find food.)
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