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Last active Feb 20, 2018

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Condor submit script: use csub <cmd> from a submit node
# find the location to save files to
cv_dir=`expr "$cmd" : '.*--cv_dir \([^ ]*\).*'`
# make cv_dir and create two files: and
mkdir $cv_dir
cat > $cv_dir/ << EOF
universe = vanilla
Executable = /lusr/bin/bash
Arguments = $cv_dir/
+Group = "GRAD"
+Project = "AI_ROBOTICS"
+ProjectDescription = "Research Work"
Requirements = TARGET.GPUSlot && CUDAGlobalMemoryMb >= 2000
getenv = True
request_GPUs = 1
+GPUJob = true
Log = $cv_dir/run.log
Error = $cv_dir/run.err
Output = $cv_dir/run.out
Queue 1
cat > $cv_dir/ << EOF
# Call condor_submit on the generated submit file
source ~/.bashrc
condor_submit $cv_dir/
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