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A simple rack middleware that allows you to post JSON body data. We are using the YAJL json library for ruby. Feel free to substitute your own.
require 'yajl'
module Rack
# A Rack middleware for parsing POST/PUT body data when Content-Type is
# <tt>application/json</tt>.
class JsonPostBody
# Constants
POST_BODY = 'rack.input'.freeze
FORM_HASH = 'rack.request.form_hash'.freeze
FORM_INPUT = 'rack.request.form_input'.freeze
def initialize(app)
@app = app
def call(env)
if env['CONTENT_TYPE'] =~ %r{application/json}i
body = env[POST_BODY].read
# make sure we have a hash before parsing
if body =~ %r/^\s*\{/
env.update(FORM_HASH => Yajl::Parser.parse(body), FORM_INPUT => env[POST_BODY])

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commented Sep 13, 2015

what if you want don't want to just parse, but to replace the post body entirely?

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