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Created Jul 3, 2018
The Sim That Can't Catch A Break

My wife is playing this Sims challenge where she starts a character with absolutely nothing, no money, no belongings, not even a house, just empty land, and has to survive the first winter and turn him into a functional person with a family. She got him some money by collecting trash around the neighborhood to sell, which he used to buy seeds to grow flowers, and then sold flower bouquets for a living. She got a bee hive going to provide him with honey and to help the flowers grow. So at this point he is literally sleeping on a bed in open air next to a flower garden, gradually building up enough saved money to hopefully build shelter before winter sets in. He spends all day making flower arrangements, and subsists entirely on a diet of honey.

She starts having him build up this romance, and gets him a girlfriend, but is having trouble getting their relationship to be very strong, and is annoyed that the option hasn't become available for her to move in with him. I'm like: "Of course she doesn't want to move



  • Fan
  • Pushup bra
  • Lounge bra
  • 3x panties
  • BSX
  • 3x socks
  • Black capris
  • Skirt Shorts
  • Jean shorts
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Last active Sep 22, 2018
My collective research and experiences with trans-feminine (male to female) hormone therapy
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This is a compilation of report medical transition changes, collected from testimonials of trans women from various discussion forums and chat rooms, backed up by my own experiences.

Note that this is a list of possible changes. There is no guarentee that a person on HRT will experience all of these. As always, your milage may vary.

Changes connected to reduction of Testosterone:

  • Reduction in general body odor and change in the smell of ones sweat. Many report gaining a sweet smell.
  • Skin softens and becomes thinner.
  • Reduction in skin oils, causing face to become drier. For most this means less acne.
  • Finger nails thin and soften.
Twipped / gulpfile.js
Last active Jun 15, 2018
CSS Modules without webpack or browserify
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var gulp = require('gulp');
var gutil = require('gulp-util');
var through = require('through2');
var sourcemaps = require('gulp-sourcemaps');
var postcss = require('gulp-postcss');
var filter = require('gulp-filter');
var concat = require('gulp-concat');
var modules = require('postcss-modules');
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[ Discussing ]
<fotios> @jkarns: if you read the geekforbrains article about python, it's about the same level of stupid that caused him to switch to node
<fotios> perhaps he should switch to knitting instead, but then probably give that up after a year for crocheting
<jason> re knitting: what’s the deal with knots? screw this, i’m out
<fotios> also, too many colors to choose and needle sizes? forget it
<Joel> i stabbed myself with a needle and now i'm bleeding, this hobby is dumb
<Steve> As @jkarns said there are plenty of reasons to hate knitting, stabbing yourself with needles is not one of them
<James> ^^ when masochists graduate from needlepoint (edited)
<Orri> That's why I knit with soft noodles. No danger of stabbing myself. Productivity is low, but stabbing incidents are very low impact.
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Last active Apr 18, 2017
Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff


  • 1 medium onion (sweet or yellow) thinly sliced
  • 3-6 cloves (half bulb) of garlic (to taste) crushed or chopped
  • 1 pound beef (leaner the better)
  • 12oz mushrooms chopped (any variety)
  • 1 cup water
  • 2-3 tsp beef bouillon
  • 1/3 cup ketchup
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[8:43 AM] chiper joined the channel
[8:43 AM] <***> Buffer Playback...
[8:43 AM] <marcusmoore> [07:55:15] chiper i saw you made a comment on twitter about building something on top of irc? anything you want to share about it? sounds interesting
[8:43 AM] <***> Playback Complete.
[8:44 AM] <chiper> marcusmoore: I'm trying to create the slack equivalent for freenode that solves the main issues people have with using IRC for OSS
[8:44 AM] <chiper> to whit, approachability, discoverability, searchability, and chat user experience.
[8:46 AM] <chiper> I'm _almost_ done with the underlying architecture for communicating with freenode. it needs probably another 10-20 hours of development
[8:46 AM] <chiper> but I'm trying to make something much more than just a web based irc client
[8:54 AM] <marcusmoore> those are definitely hurdles when it comes to irc. OSS communities would appreciate that.
[8:59 AM] <chiper> my goal is to make it as easy to get into a channel as possible. direct link to a channel, it opens wit
sudo su vagrant -c 'curl | bash'
sudo su vagrant -c '. ~vagrant/.nvm/;nvm install v0.10'
sudo su vagrant -c '. ~vagrant/.nvm/;nvm use v0.10'
sudo su vagrant -c '. ~vagrant/.nvm/;nvm alias default v0.10'
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Nish: he acknolwedged the bug
Nish: he said it was legit, and is looking into it
Nish: i told him it was urgent
Nish: but hes also like having a baby
Nish: dunno which is more important
Nish: probably the bug
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(On Slack)
John: oh, i just figured out the stars are bookmarks.
John: i was using them to tell people i liked their message
John: so now i've bookmarked the punchlines to a hundred jokes i don't remember
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