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Tyler Tyler-H

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I'm nominating myself to be a Room Owner of the SOCVR chatroom.

Having been active in the room nearly daily since Feb 12, 2015 (way back when Closey was just a few days old, and durron was still active), I'm one of the current SOCVR members who has been around the group the longest, giving me a fairly long-term perspective and appreciation for the room's existence, its function, and how the culture and mandate have changed over the years that other potential nominees may not have.

Additionally, I've been a Room Owner of HTML/CSS/Web Design for ~4 years, so I am no stranger to the functionality/purpose of room ownership, nor a stranger to the ideal conduct to which a Room Owner should adhere.

I participate in posting and acting on all manner of *-pls requests and try to be active in tag burninations as well, and I do my best to keep an eye on Meta, remaining active there to answer or at least read any discussions that may involve site moderation (or mentions of our very own SOCVR).

As a Room Owner of SOCV


Room Rules

1. Speak English!

2. Don't ask to ask; just ask, and ask only once!

3. Users looking to pick a fight, primarily criticize others, or boast about their own work may be kicked.

4. If you need help, please describe the issue and post a minimal example of your issue using a sandbox site like JSFiddle, CodePen, or JSBin.

5. Help vampires who do not improve their behavior will be kicked.

6. Religion and politics are off-topic.

7. Room Owners (users whose names are Italicized) reserve the right to change these at any point.

View darkchat.css
body {
background-color : #000 !important;
background-image : url("") !important;
color : #ddd !important;
.messages {
background-color : #222 !important;
border : none !important;
color : #ddd !important;