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Google Spreadsheets script to generate slugs from a range of cells

This script for Google Spreadsheets allows you to generate slugs for your data such as might be used for creating unique urls.

Use it like this!

# A B C
1 a b slug
2 foo baz bing =slugify(A2:B4)
3 bar BAZ
4 FOO baz-bing
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The April 7th Class Lecture

April 7th Lesson

Now that we've all had a good face-to-face, we're going to accomplish two things today.

First, we're going to add a new route to your that will let you see a single incident / detainee by clicking on a link from your home page.

Second, we're going to walk through how CSS works and discuss how you might use Materialize to clean up your site's design.

Update your

Current state of your

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NPR 8-bit without audio