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How to use npx to run gist based scripts
#!/usr/bin/env node
console.log("I was executed from a gist inside the terminal with npx!");
"name": "run-js-with-npx-from-gist",
"version": "1.0.0",
"bin": "./index.js"
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dagolinuxoid commented Jan 24, 2020

You did a good job of explaining npx

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xerosanyam commented Jan 25, 2020

yes, truly amazing :)

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lantosgyuri commented Feb 4, 2020

🎉 🎉 🎉 Thanks for this article!

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robert-rae commented Feb 13, 2020

hahaha this is great, thanks!

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mmRoshani commented Mar 5, 2020


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romualdovillalobos commented Mar 10, 2020

Amazing!! thanks

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maan-singh commented Apr 12, 2020


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Tynael commented Jun 5, 2020

@dagolinuxoid, @xerosanyam, @lantosgyuri, @robert-rae, @MohammadMojtabaRoshani-TOMaaR, @romualdovillalobos, @maan-singh
Thank you for the kind words, folks! I really hope it helped you!

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fredsced commented Jun 13, 2020

Thanks for the explanation

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RyotaBannai commented Jun 21, 2020

Such an awesome feature I've never imagined the mere local command being capable of this! Thank you for this education!

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mdn-cloud commented Jul 15, 2020

It was really helpful for me as a new learner!!! thanks a lot!!

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jonasmateus commented Aug 23, 2020

This example was extremely helpful! Thanks a lot :)

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lukaskoeller commented Sep 4, 2020

Is there any possibility to have arguments in the scripts which values are provided through options in the npx command?
Something like: npx <url-to-gist> --source ./path/to/source --dest ./path/to/dest?

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Tynael commented Sep 9, 2020

Thank you, @fredsced, @RyotaBannai, @mdn-cloud, @jonasmateus.

@lukaskoeller I don't know tbh, haven't tried that yet ^^

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Temi-t commented Dec 18, 2020

Thanks. This was helpful

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sa2kasov commented Dec 30, 2020

I've read your article in russian from here

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jtello commented Apr 21, 2021


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bennythejudge commented Apr 27, 2021


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fesantossp commented May 12, 2021

Thanks for the article!!

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ydjaghloul commented Jun 4, 2021

very nice, thanks

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Tynael commented Jun 7, 2021

Thanks, @Temi-t, @sadvakasov, @jtello, @bennythejudge, @fesantossp, @ydjaghloul! 🎉

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ashiquem commented Jun 10, 2021

Super clear explanation and very helpful, thanks!

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Tynael commented Jun 24, 2021

Thanks, @ashiquem!

I've also created a video on this subject if you prefer this format. You can check it out here:

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zjkuang commented Mar 3, 2022

Amazing!!! I tried with my gist and it is working like a charm!

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