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till vs libsqlite
[14:26:42] <till> < can anyone check if this could make it into 5.4 and 5.3-branch?
[14:33:36] <johannes_> till: it's complicated to do right for all cases ... simplest would be to unbundle libsqlite and depend on the system one :-)
[15:33:58] <till> johannes_: that's fine too, imho. is there a reason not to?
[15:54:48] <johannes_> till: for 5.3 it's a change of feature in the release; in general, well, there's the argument of having defined behavior on all installations, and maybe we "improved" it a bit, not sure
[16:36:39] <till> johannes_: i have to install libsqlite3-dev anyway when i build it
[16:36:48] <till> it seems like it's not only debian and ubuntu, but also centos
[16:47:38] <johannes_> till: I'm full in support of kicking out everything which has not to be a part of the core distribution ...
[16:48:23] <johannes_> 5 or 6 extensions (without really counting, maybe it are 10 in the end) is enough
[16:48:51] <philip_> put them all in pecl, bundle at release
[16:55:44] <till> johannes_: well, maybe this could happen in 5.4 at least. i just fixed my .deb package now
[16:58:20] <johannes_> philip_: not sure that's managable in regards of proper testing etc. one of the issues is that there's stuff we never test (anybody testing interbase?) .. but that's an old idea i supported, package the latest pecl
[16:58:55] <johannes_> philip_: and all, well, I'd keep standard in :-p
[16:59:10] <johannes_> till: talk to 5.4 guys :-)
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