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[18:15:47] <rasmus_> start time: 1328202912
[18:15:47] <rasmus_> end time: 1328202941
[18:15:47] <rasmus_> time: 29
[18:16:39] <rasmus_> ok, reproduced a 29s hang in PHP5.4
[18:19:13] <rasmus_> ~/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/sapi/cli/php -d max_input_nesting_level=4 test_collide.php
[18:19:13] <rasmus_> read data completed
[18:19:13] <rasmus_> start time: 1328203137
[18:19:13] <rasmus_> end time: 1328203139
[18:19:14] <rasmus_> time: 2
[18:19:25] <rasmus_> helps a lot when you reduce the nesting level
[18:19:45] <rasmus_> so we essentially already have a limiter on this one, it is just that the default is too high
[18:19:57] <rasmus_> and who ever does more than 4 nesting levels?
[18:20:03] <Pierre> is it linear?
[18:20:24] <Pierre> wondering if setting too low could create more issues than it solves
[18:21:08] <rasmus_> yes, it looks linear
[18:22:36] <rasmus_> Yeah, lowering it to 4 could cause problems. But 16 perhaps?
[18:23:01] <rasmus_> that's still a[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]...
[18:23:08] <Pierre> 16 sounds more reasannoble
[18:23:15] <Pierre> bah, typos++
[18:23:26] <rasmus_> ~/php-src/branches/PHP_5_3/sapi/cli/php -d max_input_nesting_level=16 test_collide.php
[18:23:26] <rasmus_> read data completed
[18:23:26] <rasmus_> start time: 1328203395
[18:23:26] <rasmus_> end time: 1328203401
[18:23:26] <rasmus_> time: 6
[18:23:33] <rasmus_> 6 seconds on my laptop
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