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Created Apr 29, 2018
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const String CHANNEL_ID = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"; // The channel ID
const String SENSOR_ID = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"; // Your AgriWebb or made up sensor ID
const String TOPIC = "rain-gauge"; // The type of sensor or name of the data your sending
const String VERSION = "1";
const String FORMAT = "";
const char* WIFI_SSID = "XXXXXXX"; // Your WiFi SSID / name
const char* WIFI_PASS = "XXXXXXX"; // Your WiFi password
const uint16_t UPDATE_RATE = 120; // How long to wait between sending data back (in seconds)
const uint8_t TIMEZONE_OFFSET = 10; // The timezone the sensor is located in (eg. 10 for GMT)
const double BUCKETTIP_HEIGHT = 0.1298; // Don't forget to change this for your own tipping bucket.
// The height of rain collected by a single bucket tip (in millimietre)
// determined by the volume of water collection in a single bucket tip (mL
// divided by the collection area
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