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Playing Project Reality: Battlefield 2

Luka Mamukashvili USLTD

Playing Project Reality: Battlefield 2
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from wcwidth import wcswidth
def reverse(string: str):
length: int = wcswidth(string)
l: list = []
for c in string:
l = l[::-1]
for o in l:
print(chr(o), end="")
from wcwidth import wcswidth
import shutil
def print_centre(text: str):
width = shutil.get_terminal_size()[0]
length = wcswidth(text)
l = len(text)
d = length // l
space = width - length
if space >= 0:
$padVal = 20
$pcLabel = "Connecting To".PadRight($padVal," ")
setx prompt ЪДД[%username%@%computername%]-[$P]-[$D$S$T]$_АДД$G$S#$S
USLTD / Python3.9IDLEadder.reg
Created May 19, 2021 09:28
Fixs "Edit with IDLE 3.9 (64-bit)" not available in context menu on Windows
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"MUIVerb"="&Edit with IDLE"

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