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How to install tryton on debian/ubuntu
# Step 1: Adding the ppa where tryton is release
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rayanayar/tryton-2.8
# Step 2: Update the packages
sudo apt-get update
# Step 3: Install all the packages and modules at once
sudo apt-get install tryton-modules-all
sudo /etc/init.d/tryton-server start
# Alternatively, you could install just the modules you wish to have.
# The above command also makes the choice of the database for you
# (postgresql) while tryton supports mysql and sqlite (for testing)
# in addition to postgres. Please note that not all packages/modules
# available for Tryton are installed, but just the most commonly
# used modules.
# Step 4: Security and Database user setup
sudo su postgres
createuser -s tryton
# The server uses a "tryton" user to connect to the postgres
# database. The above commands creates a new user for you which
# will then be used automatically the server
# Using the Installed Tryton
# If you would like to install the tryton desktop client on the
# same machine, you could type the following command.
sudo apt-get install tryton-client
# Alternatively you could use the windows/mac installers and
# use the client from your windows or mac.
# See:
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