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Created January 25, 2024 23:18
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Gamedev free assets


Name Description Free & paid assets Free assets
Kenney CC0 assets
/r/gameassets Free assets


Name Type Description License
Google Fonts Any Huge free font database Various (free)
Dafont Any
Unutterable Vector Brushed, satanic-style OFL
Beholden Vector Hand-drawn imperfections, serif OFL
X Typerwriter Vector Typewriter style OFL
First Time Writing Vector Hand-writing style, rough CC0
Crayon Libre Vector Crayon style CC0
3x3 mono font Pixel Tiny, somehow barely legible CC0
m5x7 Pixel Small, neutral, very good CC0
monogram Pixel Monospace, neutral, very good CC0
Monocraft Pixel Monospace, Minecraft-inspired OFL
Pixeloid Pixel 3 styles, 1000+ glyphs OFL
Slime's 2-Shade Pixel Fonts Pixel 6 fonts, 2-color anti-aliased bitmap CC0
Nb Pixel Font Bundle Pixel 20 fonts, various styles CC0
Nb Pixel Font Bundle 2 Pixel 20 fonts, various styles CC0
Not Jam Font Pack Pixel 18 fonts, various styles CC0
anna anthropy's World of Fonts Pixel 16 fonts, various styles Free
DungeonFont Pixel Fancy, ancient scroll CC0
Fool Pixel Thin, cursive-ish CC BY 4.0

Pixel art Google Fonts:

  • DotGothic16
  • Handjet
  • Pixelify Sans
  • Press Start 2P
  • Silkscreen
  • VT323


Name Description License 1-color SVG icons CC BY 3.0
Lucid Icons 1-bit pixel art icons CC0
CSS loaders and Spinners CSS loading screens MIT
CSS3 Patterns Gallery CSS patterns MIT
UI Design Daily App / website-style UI designs CC0

Color Palettes

Name Description
Lospec Color palette database

All free, because there are no legal protections for color palettes.

2D Assets

Name Tile size View Description License
Sprout Lands 8x8 3/4 Cute, cozy pastel farming cat Free -commercial -resell / Paid -resell
Bit Bonanza 10x10 Icons 1-bit fantasy items & entities CC0
Bountiful Bits 10x10 3/4 1-bit fantasy terrain & props CC0
Urizen 1Bit Tileset 12x12 3/4 1-bit tiles, props, items, & entities CC0
1-Bit Patterns and Tiles 16x16 Top 1-bit textures & patterns CC BY 4.0
Ninja Adventure 16x16 3/4 Retro ninja town + areas, music, FX CC0
Pixel Crawler 16x16 3/4 Detailed fantasy dungeon & forest CC0
DungeonTileset II 16x16 3/4 Cute fantasy dungeon CC0
16x16 Assorted RPG Icons 16x16 Icons RPG common icons + variants CC0
16x16 Weapon RPG Icons 16x16 Icons RPG weapon icons + variants CC0
Kings and Pigs 16x16 Side Indoors chibi human & pig enemies CC0
Pixel Art Top Down - Basic 32x32 3/4 Nature and stone ruins Free -resell
Pixel Art Platformer - Village Props 32x32 Side Fantasy medieval outdoors Free -resell

3D Assets

Name Description License
KayKit Low-poly, various areas & characters CC0 / Paid (expansion)
PolyHaven Realistic models, materials, HDRIs CC0
ambientCG Realistic models, materials, HDRIs CC0
Quaternius Low-poly models CC0


Name Description License
Not Jam Music Pack 16 tracks, retro CC0
alkakrab's music packs ~25 tracks each, different genres CC0


Name Description License Note
Freesound Huge free sound database Various (free)
GDC Game Audio Bundle Big sound pack Free -resell -misattribute Replace the number in the torrent URL to download previous packs
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