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Created January 6, 2022 19:01
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Thank you! 💖

Thanks to all of you for making * possible

Special Thanks

Nextjs based subdomains

Docusaurus based subdomains

React based subdomains

I am facing some issues with the thanks generator, current packages in use:

"@testing-library/jest-dom": "5.16.1",
"@testing-library/react": "12.1.2",
"@testing-library/user-event": "13.5.0",
"react": "17.0.2",
"react-cookie-consent": "7.2.1",
"react-dom": "17.0.2",
"react-scripts": "5.0.0",
"web-vitals": "2.1.2",
"@tailwindcss/typography": "0.5.0",
"autoprefixer": "10.4.1",
"postcss": "8.4.5",
"react-icons": "4.3.1",
"standard": "16.0.4",
"tailwindcss": "3.0.11"
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