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Search files in php, recursive, regex
* License: MIT
* Search files in a directory by string or regex
* @param string $root Directory to search
* @param string $q Search term
* @param bool $recursive [optional] Search lower directories. Default = TRUE
* @param bool $isRegex [optional] Search term is a regular expression. Default = FASLE
* @return SplFileInfo[] An array of files
function searchDirectory($root, $q, $recursive = true, $isRegex = false) {
if ($isRegex) {
$regex = $q;
} else {
$regex = "|".preg_quote($q)."[^/\\\\]*$|i";
if ($recursive) {
$directory = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($root);
$iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator($directory);
} else {
$iterator = new DirectoryIterator($root);
$files = new RegexIterator($iterator, $regex, RecursiveRegexIterator::MATCH);
return iterator_to_array($files, false);
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