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* License: MIT
* Sort an array of associative arrays by a key. Like array_multisort but you just provide the key instead of the whole column.
* @param array[] $data The array of associative arrays to sort
* @param mixed ...$args Any number of variables. [key, SORT_ASC|SORT_DESC, Sort Flags]
* @return array[] The sorted $data
function array_multisort_by_key($data, ...$args) {
if (!is_array($data)) {
return [];
$params = [];
foreach ($args as $n => $arg) {
if (is_string($arg)) {
$column = [];
foreach ($data as $row) {
$column[] = $row[$arg];
$arg = $column;
$params[] = $arg;
$params[] = &$data;
return $data;
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