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Created Dec 19, 2015
What would you like to do?

NEUP Net Depart Tutorial - by VOID


Web Develop Things

  • What is http , what's the feature?
  • How does PHP Work?
  • What is database, How to use database in PHP?
  • What is session and Cookie, How to make a login page?

Manage your project with github

  • create your first git repo
  • add the first commit to it
  • push it to remote

MVC PHP Frameworks

  • What is MVC
  • How to design a project using MVC

How to solve a problem

How to debug your project

  • gdb
  • print out useful message
  • reverse reading your code
  • (FOR WEB) var_dump
  • (FOR WEB) logs

How to deal with problems (Linux and Windows)

  • Follow the error info and try
  • See the man page for more details
  • Google it , and search on StackOverflow and Other tech community
  • use strace to see what's wrong with it(Linux only)
  • Go to an IRC Channel and ask your question

A better place for programmer : Linux

Our first Toy Project: Build a anoynomous BBS board

  • Cookies
  • Session
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