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Take screenshot, upload to pastebin and put the URL into your clipboard
/usr/bin/flameshot gui
/usr/bin/notify-send "Taking Screenshot" "Please wait..." --icon=dialog-information
dbus-monitor --profile "type=signal,interface=org.dharkael.Flameshot,member=captureTaken" |
while read -r line; do
if [[ $line == *"captureTaken"* ]]; then
URL=$(/usr/bin/xclip -selection clipboard -t image/png -o > /tmp/shot.png && /usr/bin/curl -F 'name=@/tmp/shot.png'
echo "$URL" | xclip -in -sel clipboard
/usr/bin/notify-send "Screenshot Uploaded" "$URL" --icon=dialog-information
pkill -P $$
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